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Postby Tabman » 01/26/06 10:56 AM

Kozak the Great wanted one and got me to build my original for him. I think I spent about six months making it. It relied heavily on both the good and bad points of Thayer's Arm Vivisection.

Kozak abandoned the horror type magic and sold his saw to Joe Givan after the run of the show in Pittsburgh and let me run with the illusion concept with his blessings.

First off, this thing is dangerous as heck, especially the original that Bill Smith kindly demonstrated for me many years ago at his Vegas shop. It vibrated so bad that it bounced around the floor after Bill flipped the switch from 8' away using a two by four. I broke out in a cold sweat.

Bill had gotten his Thayer original from Harry Anderson. Harry had inquired about me building one for him as his interest in the prop renewed.

Every Christmas for a few years, Leslie had given him a Tabman Table or a Rosewood Faro Box. Harry used one of our No Slouch Pouches that we made on one of his tv specials. We were amazed that out of our hillbilly lifestyle to the big time even in such a small way was killer. So, he's a very special person to me.

Anyway, its funny how things go full circle because I just finished building one for Christian Lindemann in Germany. The saw is in transit now. This was a hard three and a half month build but I'm happy to say that this one is nice and much closer to the original Thayer and has a great horror show look.

Here is a link to a pic if anyone wants to take a look. Chances of me personally building another are slim.

I dragged it out behind the shop and took a few shots of the details before dismanteling it and packing it to ship UPS Express.

Good luck to Christian Lindemann with his new show which opens in about two weeks.

Thanks again for everything!!!
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