Wakeling Bar Act

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Postby Carl Mercurio » 08/21/03 10:29 AM

Just read about the Bar Act in The Magic of Alan Wakeling and am very impressed. I know that Steve Cohen does a version in his parlor magic act, using a tea kettle. Where can I read other similar versions that use real drinks as opposed to the chemicals that only achieve color....
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Postby David Garrity » 08/21/03 08:25 PM


Jim Steinmeyer's book, "Modern Art and Other Mysteries" has a version of that act called "Hospitality" that Jim says was inspired by the Wakeling routine. The climax of "Hospitality" allows you to hand out all the drinks to the audience at the conclusion.
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Postby Pete Biro » 08/21/03 09:33 PM

Darn, wish this was posted yesterday. I was at Steinmeyer's office today and didn't ask about it... oh well... :genii:
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