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Postby Guest » 08/30/06 01:27 PM

I just recently watched a video clip (thank you Richard K.)that was given in the recent Genii magazine.

Alexandar DeCova took what looked like a lemon or orange, showed what seemed to be, both hands empty, and then produced this huge silk handkerchief. WOW! Very visual! I loved it! I called a magic shop but they were unaware of which video carried the description of this effect. DeCova was selling two videos at the time.

Anyone familiar with this effect? And could you let me know which video carries this effect.

Thank you for your help

Steve V (the other one)

Postby Guest » 08/31/06 05:08 PM

Mark Phillips has three video's for sale ( used )

by Dekova for $10 ea. Email him and ask if it is

on one of the ones he has


Postby Guest » 09/01/06 07:07 AM

While these older De Cova tapes have some great stuff, including a wonderful and visual instant billiard ball to silk, I don't recall seeing this trick with an orange. I is possible it is a larger version of the same trick, but given the method, I doubt it. I believe there are some new De Cova videos now on the market.


Postby Ian Kendall » 09/01/06 08:52 AM

It was an orange ball.

Take care, Ian
Ian Kendall
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Postby Guest » 09/02/06 08:04 PM

Thanks for responding,

Mark, do you know which DeCova video has that particular trick?

I am interested in possibly purchasing the video. Although, at this time, I really don't want to get the video, then learn that I've got to go install a topit or go purchase some fakini balls. I was hoping it could be some kind of sleight of hand move to practice after watching the video...maybe not. I don't want to know the trick...just a little guidance.

Thank you,

Steve V(the other one)

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