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Postby Guest » 04/08/03 05:07 PM


I'm working in the clasic routine of put the spectators clock in a bag, and smashing it with a hammer.

I'm looking for a place to make it appear. A sealed place. The next of boxes in the market are too much little or too much expensive for what I want.

Do you have any idea where, or how make appear the vanished clock in a magical way.


Postby GAMOLO » 04/09/03 04:32 PM

If the clock is of decent size, say one of those old miniature grandfather clocks or the new large LED light jobs, then I would craft a gaffed locked grandfather clock cabinet stand.
Load could be accomplished as simple as a drop back panel or swerling back panel or simply a bottom panel that on hinges simply opens. I suppose one could even craft a giant drawer box principle but that seems like too much work.
Of course, if you have no scrupples, I guess you could even steal CW's routine of producing it in a cage concealed in a bag! (Only kidding)
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Postby Pete Biro » 04/09/03 04:34 PM

You probably mean a small [censored]? Or pocket watch?

Well you could have it appear in a huge ball of wool. Just make a tube to slide the watch in with, wrap it with heavy wool ball and put inside a bag. Drop the watch in as you go for bag and slide the tube out leaving watch inside.

You could also find it in a wallet ala card in wallet inside sealed envelope. :genii:
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Postby Brad A._dup1 » 04/09/03 11:25 PM

I'm wondering if you mean a [censored] as well.

An amazing production always is when there is a box (or something) that has been around during the whole performance is shown to have the watch in it.

If it matters, there's a real neat way to load the watch into your jacket pocket. You could place it in an envelope, or bag--something--which goes in your left breast pocket...this pocket has a "slide" that drops the watch into your left coat pocket. (Assuming the envelope or bag has a hole in it). This probably defeats the comedy of breaking the watch and such.

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Postby Dale Shrimpton » 04/10/03 04:21 AM

Glad you said that chaps. I was trying to work out why someone would take a clock along to a magic show.
If you do mean watches, i would sugest going way back and take a look at hoffmans modern magic, because he dedicates a whole section to tricks with watches. Actualy many of the publications of his time do contain effects with watches,many of which could be re dressed to suit todays audiences.
watch in loaf of bread springs to mind.
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Postby Guest » 04/11/03 03:27 PM

Inside a Can O' Corn by Collector Workshop. The full shebang is very expensive but the can itself is not to expensive.

Also, I saw someone make a balloon animal that end up having the spectator watch in it. a WATCH dog! :eek:

Other places might be in an egg.

On your wrist.

Inside another clock

I think you want to make it seem impossible to have put the watch there. Inside a single box is no good but a nest of boxes is impossible.

Postby Glenn Farrington » 04/11/03 10:48 PM

I agree the can of corn is a killer.
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Postby Brad A._dup1 » 04/13/03 12:10 AM

I like the idea of having the watch appear inside a clock. You could make a small clock appear ...and then the watch is inside the locked "cabinet" in the clock...something like that.

That can of corn, though, is pretty cool.

Perhaps appear a clock, with a can of corn inside it...with the watch inside the can of corn!
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