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Postby Pete Biro » 12/20/02 04:16 PM

Just back from the Magic Castle lunch.

Bruce Cervon was working the Parlour. Now, I have known, and seen, Bruce for a loooooooooong time, and have seen him at the close up table a number of times.

I had neve seen him do stand up in the parlour.

He did the Himber Linking Finger Rings.

In Bruce's hands this is real magic. You do not see any moves, any switches, and he does not run around in the audience, he brings the three people on stage and has them standing, in a line, facing the audience.

I own the trick. I have done the trick, and I even taught part of Bruce's routine to him... and he still NAILED ME...

Worth traveling from Coast to coast to see. :cool:
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Postby Guest » 01/06/03 01:14 PM

I am not surprised that Bruce is wowing audiences. I recall seeing him showing a small group of us at the Castle a routine. This must have been in the mid-sixties. The group included besides me Jim Cooper who was no slouch with a deck of cards, and more notably, Dai Vernon. Bruce did his routine and it was so obvious that he was using a gimmicked deck -- you know the one where you tap the ends of the deck on the table after each shuffle to align the shorts -- I believe it gets mentioned hereabouts once in a while. Anyway, we were quite convinced that this was what he used. Especially since he did some of those things which you can't do with a regular deck because they are a dead giveaway that you are using a -- gee, I almost named it -- deck. Then when he had finished he threw the deck on the table. A regular deck. The scoundrel has well and truly fooled the lot of us.

Just think of the time and effort he put into preparing that one magnificent sell. My hat ws off to him then and it is now.

Postby Larry Horowitz » 01/06/03 01:31 PM

I have seen Bruce in the Parlour about ten times. He puts on a great show, cards, rings, ropes, he touches on everything.

I have also sat with him at the bar and he has shown me ideas with cards. Amazing as this may sound, Bruce Cervon is under-rated!
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