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Postby Lou Leventhal » 12/25/03 10:15 AM

I have the Japanese (plastic version) of the Three Card Monte (Find the Lady.) I am interested in developing a unique routine for stage. Any suggestions on existing routines that could be modified? Thanks!
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Postby Guest » 12/25/03 08:49 PM

Michael Close has an excellent version/handling. You can find it in his Workers series under the name 'Rocco Returns'. Rocco Returns can be found in Volume 5 (out of five).

You can also find it in vol. 4 of the new DVDs 'Ultimate Workers'. This is a reissue of some older videos of his (Very, very, very close). Still, I would also get the books for the essays and the subtleties.

Have fun.

Postby Guest » 01/06/04 09:50 PM


The Michael Close stuff is good, but it is a different routine. Look for the video that Harry Anderson did back in the 80's. He has a really strong jumbo three card monte routine.


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