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Postby John Tudor » 03/03/06 09:11 AM

Hello, folks,
Has anyone done or seen anyone use a long stemmed flower for a dancing cane?
It's for a female magician I'm coaching, and the flower makes so much more sense.
Any help or ideas would be helpful! Thanks,
John Tudor
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John Tudor

John Tudor
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Postby Spellbinder » 03/03/06 10:51 PM

In The Wizards' Journal #6, I describe the illusion (Wizard style- no boxes!) of The Fabled Cloak of Invisibility. The second part of the article describes using the cloak as a visible stage vanish:

"The Wizard dons a bright white Cloak of Invisibility. He holds his most colorful staff in one hand and something bright in his other hand (like a rose or a red silk scarf). The Wizard fades into nothingness. The staff is lifted up and thrown off stage as if by an invisible hand. The rose floats out into the audience and presents itself to a spectator. More proofs that the Wizard is wandering about invisibly may take place."

You might end by having the Wizard (or Witch, if you prefer) reappear on stage by removing the Fabled Cloak of Invisibility, as described in the first half of the article. In that case, retaining the rose would provide her with the opportunity to first use it for a "dancing cane" style routine. Then she can walk out into the audience to give it away in person.
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Postby Guest » 03/04/06 04:27 PM

This idea belongs to Victor Voitko, the Champion FISM winner and wonderful ucranian magician makes a dancing cane with a big and long rose and believe me he 's done this routine all around Europe and the rest of the world in TV Shows an theatres for al least, since I know, 5 years. Its really a piece of poetry and magic . We perform in the same gala show with him in Spain long time ago and this was the effect he performed besides his incredible and prized floating linking rings.
I think you should squezze your mind and think in another idea. Bye.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/04/06 05:17 PM

I just saw Voitko do this in Blackpool the week before last. The flower is enormous--too big to look real. But, he did handle it quite nicely and has some unusual moves with it. He handles it like the Silver Sceptor at the start (a stage version of the Rising Wand), so you don't recognize that it's going to become a Dancing Cane.
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Postby Rick Ruhl » 03/05/06 07:00 PM

As a side note to John (and to Richard), Christain Compton walked away with first place at WCM this weekend. That's a 1st place at SEAM and a 1st place at WCM.

This 14 year old young man can handle a cane like no other I've ever seen. John, since you saw his act at SEAM 2005, he has IMPROVED ( and I didnt know he had room for improvment), and is using a new sytle cane .

He held a silk in both hands and did the cane around the body. Then stood totally still and the cane went TOTALLY around his body and back.

It was an amazing display.

Rick Ruhl
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Postby Rick Ruhl » 03/19/06 09:51 AM

Christian gave me permisson to put his SEAM 2005 perforance on the web. This display of the Dancing Cane is amazing, and he's just 14 years old!

His WCM performance was even better than this clip when it was filmed in August 2005.

Christain Compton - Dancing Cane
Rick Ruhl
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Postby Guest » 03/20/06 08:01 PM

I have been working on a floating/dancing flower for some time now and I believe I have worked out the bugs.

This effect could be built with a more realistic 17 inch flower, where as others seem to require large unrealistic flower & stem. This would have something to do with a gimmick that is not readily obtainable during the performance and a lack of other floating skills based on the current setup of the rose. I have this problem solved with a different type of system built into the rose that supplies the gimmick in a more convienient manner that is totaly adjustable in its length (almost twice the length of the Flower). This effect can be much more than presented in the past because of the capability of the rose gimmick length to be modified upon demand with easy accesaiblity. I believe Magicians have not had the proper tools to do this effect. I do not mean to hurt anyone feelings here. I am sure that the above mentioned performers are terrific. I just think we could all be better!

By the way! Christian Compton Congratulations!

Postby Guest » 10/05/06 02:13 AM

you could see Voitko Dancing Rose on his www.magic-voitko.com in my acts

Postby Guest » 10/05/06 06:40 AM

I vaguely remember the German manipulator "Peki" doing the dancing long stem rose in his act about 25 years ago.


Postby Guest » 10/05/06 08:00 AM

Viktor Voitko have a great dancing rose(luminous/lighting)...you should have Voiktos dancing rose is great! I have and Im very happy! I never had any problem!

Is so good,Im gona get another dancing rose because is great!


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