Tricks to illustrate "teamwork"?

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Postby Guest » 12/21/03 07:28 PM

Hello all,

I am searching for tricks that I can use and adapt to illustrate the idea of "teamwork". I am putting together a corporate training session along with two professional trainers. They are experienced in the realm of training, and have brought me on board to add a unique element to (sometimes boring) corporate training sessions. I need to (in a magical fashion) illustrate effective teamwork, using one or more of the participants, along with myself.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot,


Postby Jeff Haas » 12/21/03 11:11 PM

Check for these books:

Presenting & Training With Magic by Ed Rose

Tricks For Trainers : 57 Tricks and Teasers Guaranteed to Add Magic to Your Presentation by Dave Arch

Could be some ideas in them that'll help.

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Postby Guest » 12/27/03 11:32 PM

Awesome, thanks Jeff!


Postby Guest » 12/28/03 02:47 AM

Professor's Nightmare to single rope climax ?

"Some may feel that they are bigger than the rest of us. Some may feel that they are insignigficant, but as you can see, if we all pull together, we are all in fact equal making us ultimately greater and stronger than before".

Postby Guest » 12/28/03 03:03 PM

I brainstormed this with my father-in-law (a great magical thinker) and we came up with a number of ideas...

1. "Teamwork Card"

The basic effect is as follows - I introduce a deck of cards in its box. I ask one person for the color of a card (red or black). Then I ask the next person for a suit (clubs or spades if it's a black card, or hearts or diamonds if it's a red one). Then I ask the next person for a face card or a number card, (on and on until a single card is arrived at). The deck is removed from the box and spread, revealing one card face up in the face down spread. It is the chosen card. It is removed from the spread and turned over to reveal the word "teamwork" (or anything we want) written on its back. (INVISIBLE PACK)

2. "The Yearly Sales Goal"

We introduce the idea of goals and how a team has to work together to attain any goal. A prediction envelope is displayed and hung on an easel. Different members of the group (let's say 3 different people, maybe one from each office) are asked to think of 6 digit numbers and write them on a pad of paper, one person at a time. A fourth person (the administrator?) adds the numbers together to get a total. The prediction envelope is opened and it is found that it matches the number achieved by the group. (ADD-A-NO PAD)

3. "Triple Prediction"

We introduce the idea of goals and I show an envelope in my pocket. Three FSAs (or different members of the group) are asked for one goal for the group - for example; yearly sales goal, number of new members goal, and number of mortgages goal (or whatever goals). We write these goals on a flipchart page. We talk about how they worked as a team to come up with the goals. The envelope is opened to reveal a slip of paper matching those goals. (Double writting or some similar method. OR mental epic board)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these or other ideas.



Postby Guest » 01/15/04 07:29 AM

Originally posted by Dan Trommater:
Hello all,

I am searching for tricks that I can use and adapt to illustrate the idea of "teamwork".
Uri Gellar and Shipi Schtrang?


Postby Guest » 01/23/04 12:36 PM


You should find Bill Herz and Magicorp on the net. He produces execs and demonstrates teamwork for a living.

The problem with your effects is that the punchlines are about you being right, not about creating a team.

Folks who train for a living know bs shoe-horned into a good magic trick when they see it. Be very careful that you know what you are doing. It is much more than just doing good tricks well.

There is a very real risk of poisoning the water for yourself and others who already do this for a living.

Get some help from someplace in addition to the forum!

Postby Guest » 01/24/04 01:09 AM

"New Guy",

Thanks for turning me on to Bill Hertz. It seems as though he's done a fantastic job of establishing himself in the corporate world.

As for 'poisoning the water', you can rest assured that that is the last thing I intend or wish to do. I am working with a number of professionals in the training field to establish myself as a credible presenter. Thanks for your concern and for the tips on the tricks that I had listed in the forum.


PS. why the anonymous routine?

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