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Postby Guest » 08/31/06 06:34 PM

Hello, i have 2 questions in one, both are about tricks with balloons.

1. i need help making this one work! here's the trick, magician pulls numerous inflated balloons out of a box that can only fit about one inflated balloon.

secret (but it doesn work) take the uninflated balloon and place inside a small baggie filled with vinigar and baking soda, folded in such a way that it has to be "popped" for them to combine. the idea being once in side the ballon all you need to do is pop the inner bag and voila! the balloon inflates.

problem? its almost impossible to fit the stupid bag in the balloon! also, it hardly makes enough gas to even make the balloon larger than a kiwi!

anyone got some good ideas?

2. This in is out of Paul Harris' Art of Astonishment (i forget which one) the trick is as follows, you make the air in your lungs change with the helium in a balloon. what happens is you have a floating helium balloon and with a little magic you start talking in a funny high pitched voice and the balloon sinks to the floor. then the reverse happens, you voice comes back down and the balloon rises up.

problem? now i love paul harris, but he didn't leave and instructions as to how to do it! all he said was something like "you thread guys will know how to do this!" ... im not a thread guy! lol ivebeen trying to make this dang thing look good for a long time but i can never make it look good enough. do i use a halium balloon with a thread pulling it down or an air filled balloon with a thread keeping it up? i dont like external hookups, if there were a way to do it in a self-contained manner that would be best... i need help!

if anyone has any ideas im open to all!


Postby Guest » 08/31/06 07:13 PM

For the Paul Harris effect I don't think you need to be a thread guy to get it. Do you want the balloon to go back up (ie. swap the positions of the gases again)? If so, tie a thread on to pull the (helium inflated)balloon down. If not (ie. you only want it to come down), set a thread to pull the (air inflated) balloon up.

Postby Guest » 09/01/06 03:29 AM

Rudy Kobby did the Harris effect:
He used a Yogano Chair
looks great

Postby Guest » 09/01/06 08:59 AM

I have no idea if this would work Steve, just thinking out loud, but it's cheap to try it. Place a small bag of water in the balloon Zip lock type to pop open easily and then put a half dozen or so Alka-Seltzer tablets in the balloon.

If it isn't enough gas you can atleast fix your now head and stomach ache by drinking the contents. (btw - that was a joke).

Frank Tougas

Postby Guest » 09/01/06 10:20 AM

My first "public" performance was almost 50 years ago at my school's Talent Day. I had an Alka Seltzer crumbled up inside a balloon. I then stretched the mouth of the balloon over the top of a water-filled salt cellar, and it slowly and magically inflated.

The audience absolutely loved it, much more than I'd expected. That was when I first discovered that there isn't necessarily a correlation between the effort that you put into an effect and the reaction that it elicits.

But when a few years ago I wanted to perform that effect again for a kids' show, I discovered that balloons had got a lot tougher since my childhood. I searched numerous specialist suppliers, but none had anything suitable.

Maybe with several Alka Seltzers it'd work, though.


Postby David Acer » 09/03/06 09:12 AM

Hi Steve,

I came up with a version of the Paul Harris plot that eliminates the need for thread. The magician blows up a balloon and holds it closed, then takes a deep breath. He shudders, then exhales, then releases the air from the balloon, claiming to have made the air in his lungs change places with the air in the balloon. Naturally, nobody believes him, so he blows up the balloon again, lights a cigarette, takes a big puff, shudders, then exhales, but no smoke comes out of his mouth. He loosens his grip on the nozzle of the balloon, and smoke comes out with the air. It's self-contained and easy to do. I published it in Natural Selections, which is now out of print, but it was later reprinted in Mac Kings Tricks with Your Head ( ).
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Postby Guest » 09/03/06 02:51 PM

I remember reading somewhere when I was in High

School about producing baloons with a tablespoon

of crushed Alks-seltzer with a dram glass bottle

inside by pulling out the cork and producing them

from a Temple Screen. I never tried it, but

somewhere else there was a snake in the basket

with the same motive power. This was before the

baloons that twisters use now came into being,

( mid 50's ) All I could think of was a propalatic

But I had already been put on house arrest by my

Father for one I had in my wallet so I never did

that either< but I thought it would work...Mike

Postby Guest » 09/03/06 04:48 PM

In joke shops they sell "grenades" that have something inside that you have to break/pop. Whatever chemicals are inside then expand to fill the outer plastic bag (actually made up of a mylar type material, like bags that potato chips come in) until it pops. Perhaps you could scavenge one of these for your purposes.

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