Ken Brookes Multiplying Bottles Routine???

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Postby Guest » 09/17/06 07:50 PM


I'm trying to find the Ken Brooke Multiplying Bottle Routine.

I've followed a previous thread here and also sent emails to some of the great magic collection resources we have today and still no luck. (thank you to all).

I am looking for either of the following.

Ken Brooke Magic The Unique Years
Ken Brooke Multiplying Martini (Ken Brooke Series Vol3)

If anyone has either of these or knows someone that does (who is willing to sell one) I'd appreciate the assistance.

I just purchased a great 12 bottle set and have heard the Ken Brooke routine is the best.

Thanks in advance,


Postby Glenn Farrington » 09/17/06 10:14 PM

You may also want to purchase Denny Haney's live performance tape. He does one of the best commerical multiplying bottle routines straight out of ken brookes. HIs website is
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Postby Guest » 09/18/06 04:21 AM

Yeah, I actually saw him do it in person years ago so I sent an email on Sept 8th and he hasn't responded yet. (must be busy)

Thanks for the heads-up

Postby Guest » 09/19/06 11:11 AM

Ken Brooke's multiplying bottle routine can be found in its entirety in the book, "Ken Brooke Magic The Unique Years"

If you want to watch Denny's routine just give his shop a call and ask for the DVD (he has converted his videotape to DVD now). He has 800 numbers for both shops (Baltimore and Las Vegas).

Postby Guest » 09/19/06 03:44 PM


Ken Brooke's "The Multiplying Martini's" is a nine bottle routine. I have the original instructions and an extra set of Martini & Rossi
labels and neck bands that Mr. Brooke gave me when I bought my set from him many years ago.
There are 7 pages of copy and 2 pages of illustrations.


Postby Guest » 09/20/06 07:29 PM

Thanks for all your suggestions. I just found a Ken Brooke Series Vol 3 book!

Some may already know about this site but just in case you don't.

Postby Guest » 09/24/06 10:02 PM

Originally posted by magic-one:
Yeah, I actually saw him do it in person years ago so I sent an email on Sept 8th and he hasn't responded yet. (must be busy)

Thanks for the heads-up
Try using the telephone. Denny is usually in his shop. There are a lot of people who don't do e-mail well.

Or the email may not have reached him.

Postby Shawn Farquhar » 10/09/06 09:45 PM

I too am researching the Bottles and have bought four different sets and still am not happy with my purchases. Does anyone have photo's they could share of their bottles to give me a better idea of what else is available?

I have heard of a set made of spun plastic...anyone else?

Shawn Farquhar
Shawn Farquhar

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Postby Pete Biro » 10/09/06 10:07 PM

IF you can get the original Ken Brooke bottles, you have a great set. However, less scarce?? is the old Rings N Things bottles. I have used both and they are great. I think Ken's were made by Peter Diamond in the UK, not sure if he still makes any sets.

Most of the newer sets need to be redone, maybe powder coated the right color. Norm Nielsen has the best labels.

IF you get to Kramien's next Spring, I'll be doing the Ken Brooke routine, as taught by Ken.
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Postby Guest » 11/01/06 06:20 PM

Shawn, I think several of us would like you to share your comments about the four sets you don't like so we don't avoid making the same mistakes.

I have used Harries DELUXE bottles. They are spun aluminum and one of them allows you to pour liquid. I have not had any chipping of the finish. The only thing I would change would be the silver neckband as it can attract attention to the bottle height. You can do that with darker metallic tape bought from craft shops. My audiences like them. I have often been asked to include them in repeat performances.

Plastic ones don't work. They are too thick resulting in very noticeable different size bottles.

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