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Postby Guest » 10/16/07 06:51 AM

Hey gang,
I am looking for some advise on the best type of rubber cement to use for needle thru arm. I used to always use Elmers but either they changed how they make it or I got a bad batch. Any suggestions?

Postby Guest » 10/17/07 11:03 AM


Just a rumor from the road:

1. Really thin down rubber cement with the right thinner.(Multiple coats do a better job of sticking.)

2. Really clean the skin with alcohol first and make sure it is dry. (Shaving the skin may also help.)

My personal advantage is being old and loose skinned! LOL

It's a great trick. Halloween is also the right time to do it.

Thank you Harry Anderson!

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander

Postby Guest » 10/17/07 11:06 AM

So THAT'S how it's done...

Postby Guest » 10/17/07 11:57 AM

How would we know? We're just magicians!

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander

Postby Guest » 10/17/07 03:51 PM

The solvents used in rubber cement may be toxic.
You may wish to look into the adhesives used for prosthetics or theatrical make-up.

Postby Guest » 12/12/07 03:57 PM

I use BEST-TEST brand made by UNION RUBBER Inc. Trenton N.J. 08606

This stuff is the best I've found so far, dries quick and is very strong.

Acid Free!

Postby Guest » 12/12/07 08:33 PM

There's a brilliant "accidental" needle through arm presentation in 7 By Rick Bronson. Worth checking out...

Postby Guest » 12/13/07 12:03 PM

I bought this trick from Paul Diamond at the 196? IBM convention in Pittsburgh. Another thing on my pile of stuff that I never used in a show. I still have it. We used rubber cement, but I found that the cement would cause the needle to stick when I moved it up and down. I would put a light coating of vaseline on the needle, and that worked.

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