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Postby Guest » 02/11/04 12:59 PM

In a nutshell, I am looking for assistance with the following stage illusion.
I am playing Applegate in Damn Yankees. At the end, the director wants me (Applegate) to slowly disappear on stage. I am building a 'desk' that is part switch box, but, I need help with smoke.
What is the best to use? I don't think that a fog machine will work as I will be on top of the desk when I start to disappear. Flash smoke is ok, but is there a slow burning one? Any assistance or guideance in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.


Postby Dean Carnegie » 02/11/04 04:55 PM

Steve Brown who currently owns Al's Magic Shop has a lot of experience in smoke and special effects. You might want to contact him and see what he can suggest. 1012 Vermont Avenue
Washington, DC 20005
Phone (202) 789-2800 Fax (202) 347-8682
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Postby Jim Riser » 02/11/04 08:30 PM

Scrim and lighting is the cheapest/easiest way to fade yourself out. It can be very effective.

Here is where to get scrim and a description of its uses:
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Postby Christopher Starr » 02/16/04 03:27 PM

Good suggestion, Jim. ;)
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