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Postby Ernesto Pacifico » 02/15/08 06:00 AM

Hello all,

I am new to this community but am very excited to be a part. I enjoy stage magic quite a bit, and happen to be very crafty with wood/metal and other materials. I am currently working on several devices . Would anyone be interested in seeing them when they are done (secret not revealed)

also, how many people make thier own devices?
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Postby David Alexander » 02/16/08 10:51 AM

Magic has a rich history of performers who built their own props. Some had their own shops - Thurston and others - while some just worked in their own garages.
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Postby Spellbinder » 02/16/08 07:31 PM

( Waving his hand in the air and jumping up and down) Me! Me! In fact that's what my Web site, The Magic Nook, is all about; Do It Yourself Magic (DIY for short). I just completed my most exciting project in a long time, with a lot of help from my friends... a seven-sided cube that has a door on each of its seven sides from which I can produce fragrant herbal teas (or the usual silks and spring flowers) plus a big surprise finish of a steaming hot pot of tea (or the usual doves or a small bunny).
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Postby Bill Palmer » 02/17/08 06:28 PM

I build some of my own props. I would really like to see what you have built.
Bill Palmer, MIMC
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Postby Sir Ross » 02/25/08 09:45 AM


Great to hear about people building props. I'm just entering into doing that too. While the plan is to build larger props (I'm thinking a halloween Pepper's Ghost), I'm currently making some of the ones Blackstone described.

We should keep this thread or topic open for people to collaborate on the technical aspects of making props or even carpentry related to making them.

have a great day everyone!

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Postby A1exM » 02/21/09 02:54 PM


I'm also very interested in building my own props, just got the Osborne illusion system books, great read!
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Postby Vânia Moraes » 03/22/09 04:36 PM

Ernesto Pacifico,

I'd like to contact the italian Ernesto Pacifico.Send me a message, please.

Thank you,

Vânia Moraes
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