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Postby Guest » 04/19/04 12:37 PM

The thread with a similar name in the close up section has helped me to remember a question I've had for awhile:

I've been looking into purchasing one of the gumball machines, however, I recall that there was some controvery as to who created this wonderful trick. There's a magician, Ray Lum, in the Bay Area who markets his "Lumball" machine, and then there's the Collector's Workshop version.

I always try to do the right thing when purchasing stuff, magic or otherwise; therefore, does anyone know if this issue has been resolved?

Thanks. :confused:

Postby Guest » 04/19/04 01:39 PM

It'll depend on what type magic and atmosphere you have in your show. If you're going for STRONG comedy...wait a few months and buy the one coming out from Wolf's Magic/Wacky Wolf Productions. Chance Wolf is putting out a KILLER gumball machine, with the endorsement of George Robinson of Collector's Workshop/Viking Magic. Look for it soon, and NO...I'm not affiliated with 'em, either.

Steve Thomas

Postby Frank Yuen » 04/19/04 01:39 PM

Not sure which of those two came first but I believe that Joe Givan's and, for that matter, Michael Weber's version in Lifesavers came before either of them.

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Postby Guest » 04/19/04 01:47 PM

I've seen the Collector's Workshop version in action a couple of times at the Castle. Rich Bloch has a brilliant act that closes with this routine. Furthermore, I've always been pleased with the quality of Collector's Workshop products.

However, I seem to recall there being some controversy as to who should get credit for the idea of the "gumball machine." I just want to make sure that my money goes to the deserving recipient. Thanks again.

Postby GAMOLO » 05/03/04 03:58 PM

With regard to an actual dealer item (as opposed to the idea/effect in print)....the
original Ring in the Gumball Machine was constructed by it's creator, Joe Givan. He
made a limited number of them. This effect was later copied by Collector's Workshop
and created a big brew-ha-ha, the details of which are in the rather extensive book
accompanying the prop furnished by Joe.

There are a few minor differences between the Givan and Collector's Workshop Model.
One of the most notable is that Givan model delivers the ring in the first prize bubble.
The accompanying book has many variations on presentation. In fact, the book is a
extensive treatise on the background and performance of this effect and is prized by all
performers using this effect.

The CW version has a rather gaff looking table base....whereas the Givan model is an
actual Gumball machine on a simple nongaff table base....the CW version costs
$$$Thousands and the pre -George Robinson models sometimes jamed up owing to
the lazy Susan gimmick to deliver the prizes. The Givan model has no moving parts to
jam; however, the delivery of the ring prize on the third try in the CW model is
certainly a lovely piece of business that plays well.

If I were working local clubs/venues I would choose the Givan model (I think they go
new for around $500) and save huge $bucks; if doing TV shows or large stage Vegas
shows and have a corporate sponsor than I would have George build a custom made
CW model....insisting on providing an improved delivery gimmick.
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Postby Brad Henderson » 05/03/04 04:26 PM

There is a guy in Maine who sells these on ebay all the time. ANyone know who this is, and is he just ripping off the idea?
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Postby Tabman » 05/03/04 08:16 PM

is joe still in castle rock colorado??? buy your gumball machine from him or make your own!!
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Postby Guest » 05/04/04 08:18 PM

I got an email listing from Paul Diamond this morning. He has a used Lum original gumball machine for sale, the first $700.00 gets it.
is his email address. Good luck! --Asrah

Postby Danny Archer » 10/16/08 11:53 AM

I have a Lum original for sale... it has never been used... contact me if interested...
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Postby Richard Mendez » 10/02/13 02:29 PM

I own Joe Givan's machine and it can deliver the ring in the first, second, or third capsule. A real pleasure to own and perform with! Comes highly recommended!
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