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Postby Guest » 03/26/02 01:33 PM

Hey, has anyone seen the Portable Asrah performed that Steven's is selling? We heard it was the funniest illusion ever seen, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't meant as an endorsement. Has anyone performed it? What's the word on this trick? Is it any good or is it just plain silly? Is the form realistic - will it fool most of the people most of the time?

Postby Pete Biro » 03/26/02 07:31 PM

It depends on your style and locale... Veronin bought one immediately and I wish I was in the area where he is working to see what he's come up with.

It is well made and remember, just a tool. It is what you do with it and how you sell it. :eek:
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Pete Biro
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Postby Guest » 03/27/02 06:43 AM

I work with Karen (the first post) so maybe I can clarify what we're looking for. We generally perform fairly close to the audience (less than 5 feet away). We're not concerned with the standard Asrah presentation. We've got another routine worked out and we need a convincing vanish. The floating aspect would be a bonus effect for us, the most important consideration is how convincing the form looks under the cloth. Is it going to pass as a person under the cloth, or is it obviously not a person. Unfortunately, we have heard from two pros we respect (who have seen it demonstrated but have not performed it) that it is not convincing. We are hoping to hear from someone who has actually performed it, or who is a professional illusionist who has seen it performed, that can give another opinion.

Alternatively, if anyone with illusion expereince can recommend another convincing vanish that is portable, can be performed close to the audience and requires only two people, we'd be happy to learn about it too.


Postby Guest » 09/11/02 12:15 PM

I thinking of get me this illusion from stevens magic and I like to heare from anybody how has it and what they think about it.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/11/02 07:04 PM

I saw this item performed on a stage in the dealers' room at The World Magic Seminar several years ago. All I can say is, the damn form and cloth MUST be very light because of what's supporting it (and it's not supported from above or below). I think that with a graceful performer and a lot of practice it could look very good. Otherwise it will look laughable as some others have suggested. I was intrigued by it.
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Postby Steve Bryant » 09/11/02 07:47 PM

I can't imagine anyone thinking a girl is under the cloth. If I were buying a spendy floating object from Joe, it would be Losander's floating table. That looks like real magic to me.
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Postby Guest » 10/26/02 07:18 AM

I've had the privledge of working with numerous Asrah designs over the years and have come to the conclusion that there is only one folding form that was ever made that can work in just about any and all circumstances e.g. the Kirkham Melting Form (one of a kind...it would cost you an arm & a leg to have it reproduced)... as the name implies, this thing "Melts" it's uncanny and sends chills down your spine.

Barring this, I would recommend touching base with Michelangelo vis On-Line Visions about his new Asrah form... I've not seen it or worked with it but have heard good things about it... the most important element being the number of different ways it can be employed for doing more than just an Asrah type bit.

Postby Kendrix » 10/27/02 10:38 AM

I have an Owen's Gossamer Flight and while the base is very deceptive, I don't care particularly for the form. I was very skeptical when I bought the Summers' form from Tilford, but it is actually very nice. I have seen many forms that were only good for hanging laundry on. At least that is what they looked like.
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Postby Guest » 10/27/02 10:42 AM

I've used a Sommer's style form for years... there's some interesting things you can do with them you can't do with the others...

I've heard a lot of "noted" individuals complain about the Gossemer... I guess, as rumors state, you have to repair it after every other performance...

I don't know that he is officially available for it, but William Wizard makes an excellent folding Asrah w/Zombie gaff... might be worth looking him up. Jack Goldfinger loved the unit when he first saw it.

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