care & cleaning of canes & melal or plastic

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Postby Guest » 02/19/06 09:16 PM

I'm looking for advice on cleaning the disappearing & re-appearing canes. I seem to go through them to fast. the last reappearing cane creased when I was pressing it back together. The expanding one has gotten dirty & not as smooth. The last one I had got rusty. Trying to clean another one in the past ruined it.

ALSO, metal? plastic? what do you think. I've gone with black or silver metal. plastic seems flimsy, but I haven't used them on stage.

My last few canes didn't even last a year each. Maybe that's just the way it is? Thanks, Jesse

Postby Robert Allen » 02/20/06 11:18 AM

For metal canes buy a Silicon Cloth at a sporting goods store. This is a soft cloth impregnated with silicon. Use it to wipe down the extended canes after use and before storing.

Also consider storing the cane in a warm, dry place, perhaps with a reuseable bag of dessicant, which you can also buy at a sporting goods store usually. Heck, but a cheap hard plastic rifle case to store the appearing cane in and put the dessicant in there with it. Don't let the dessicant touch the cane.

I'm not sure about plastic. Paul Diamond used to say how to keep them but I've forgotten.
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