Help Please! Ball to Silk/Unpredictable

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Postby Guest » 03/20/07 11:10 AM

I just recently purchased a video from DeCova on how to transform a billiard ball into a silk.


It's one of the most visual stand-up magic tricks that I have seen. Here is my problem:

I've put in the time and practice with the props, but I am finding out that the silk ball is a little unpredictable. It will work fine 6 times in a row, ohhh the seventh BAM, it unravels when I swing it behind my hand, of course not always on the seventh time, but using that just as an illustration.

I feel that maybe I just need a little better guidance in how I am folding up the silk. I'm not for sure. I am going by DeCova's instructions and folding on a wooden stick "figure eight" style, then poking the end of the silk in one of the holes at the end, after taking out the stick.

I desperately want to use this as an opening effect, but I CAN'T use something that is not secure or unpredictable!

You know what it is like when you search and search and search trying to find a magic piece that helps define your character and compliments your style.
So, if anyone has experience with this effect or any helpful advice I would very much appreciate it!!

Steve V. ( the other one)

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