Egg in Lemon trick

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Postby Guest » 04/24/03 02:57 PM

I am looking for info on the best way to cut lemon to insert egg. ..Any help would be great ..Thanks Tom

Postby Guest » 05/13/03 12:12 PM

Any luck with your lemons? Try
I've seen other inexpensive peelers and they would all probably work. I imagine you peel in a continuous spiral around the lemon then carefully separate from the fruit, then glue it back together. Let us know which glue works best!

Postby Guest » 06/05/03 02:08 AM

Originally posted by Tom Witcomb:
I am looking for info on the best way to cut lemon to insert egg. ..Any help would be great ..Thanks Tom
I am not working with this particular effect, but I do work with Bill in Lemon. Don't know how to cut the lemon undetected, but as for adhesives:

Many adhesives will do. I use Super Glue or Krazy Glue to glue the pip back onto the lemon, and it works just fine.

Milt Larsen told me that two-part epoxy makes a stronger bond, and I've found that to be true, but that's not always the main consideration. Krazy Glue can be found anywhere and two-part epoxy can be hard to carry around and apply. In addition, it takes much longer to dry. It gets on the outside of the bottle and makes it all sticky, so I put the epoxy in a plastic freezer bag, but even the outside of that bag gets sticky.

That's all I know about that arcane subject.

Postby Guest » 06/30/03 08:12 PM

Bruce Elliott's MAGIC AS A HOBBY has an interesting trick where a vanished coin appears inside an egg that is inside an orange which is inside a grapefruit! See page 94 and successive pages.

Elliott (by way of actor/amateur magician Orson Welles, whose routine I described above) would solve your problem this way:

Remove the pip of the lemon so that it will not be damaged. Cut the lemon in half longways, from point to point. Scoop out the necessary amount of lemon pulp from both halves, and lay the egg inside. Carefully wipe off any lemon juice from the rind area. Break several toothpicks in half and insert them into the perimeter of the lemon rind in one of the halves. Put a thin layer of model airplane/model car cement (often called TESTOR's Model Cement) on the perimeter of the cut. Carefully reassemble the halves, inserting each toothpick into the corresponding other half, and press halves together to dry. Use the same glue to reattach the pip. A lotta work!

In performance, insert your knife into the lemon across its middle, but cut shallowly, working your way around the center of the lemon in a circle (a la Dollar Bill to Lemon). If you are following my description, your reveal cut will be perpendicular to your loading/re-glued cut. Pull the lemon apart, and hold it up so that the egg can be seen sticking out of the middle. Throw the loose half into an onstage trash can, and pull the egg out of the lemon. Toss the other half of the lemon into your trash can, and the trick is done with the dirty evidence literally "trashed."

Hope this helps.


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