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Postby Carl Mercurio » 03/06/03 10:00 AM

I'm looking to build out my library of platform magic books . What are the best platform books in your opinion?
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Postby Q. Kumber » 03/06/03 10:46 AM

The Magic of Alan Wakeling
Billy McComb 25 Years Wiser
Magic With Faucett Ross
The Jack LeDair book originally published by Goodliffe Publications

The fifth is a video. The tape of Denny's one hour show put out by Denny and Lee's shop. You won't be able to copy his personality but it is a masterclass on the use of timing, pauses and terrific stand-up magic.

All of these are by guys who were professionals and spoke (speak) from hard earned experience.
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Postby Guest » 03/06/03 11:15 AM

I definitely agree with the Ross and McComb books as listed by Q. There is definitely a shortage of this type of material. Why isn't our Chief Genii publishing more of it? Am I the only one tired of the GLUT of close-up (particularly card) magic? (Not neccasarily in Genii, but everywhere.) And I think of myself as a bit of a cardman! But I love the stand up magic and there is a crying NEED for it! Let's have it! Not card effects that you can do on stage, not mentalism that you can do on stage...STAND UP MAGIC. NO ONE is creating any?

Postby Larry Horowitz » 03/06/03 11:41 AM

I highly recommend the David Ben lecture notes. "A Platform of Miracles". All Platform magic.
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Postby Kendrix » 03/06/03 04:14 PM

JB: Your thread spoke volumes. A lot of the card and coin stuff has been beaten to death. I would love to see more stage, stand up material.
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Postby troublewit » 03/06/03 05:18 PM

My Favorites for platform material:
1. Magic of Alan Wakeling (Steinmeyer)
2. Magic of Faucett Ross (Ganson)
3. Theatre of the Mind (Richardson)
4. Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic. (4 volumes)
5. Encyclopedia of Egg Magic (Calucci)

To these, I'd like to add Billy McComb's book, Harry Anderson's "Wise Guy", and Seabrooke's Book.
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Postby Guest » 03/10/03 10:44 AM

While many things within are not appropriately credited, there is no doubt in my opinion that Kaplan's Fine Art of Magic should be included in this list.

Billy McComb is the source for many of the most practical and amusing stage and platform effects. His lecture, "Out of a Shoebox," in which he performs on stage for an hour and a half with only props that fit into one shoebox is a masterpiece.

Martin Lewis also has created many incredibly entertaining and practical platform effects. His Making Magic video is a gold mine.

Postby Carl Mercurio » 03/10/03 11:23 AM

Thanks guys.
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