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Postby Johnny Mystic » 04/16/04 08:22 PM

Hello all.

I am in the process of changin' some parts of my show...I would like to use my French guillotine and add an x-cape trick to it. My plans are this...

Magician put's spectator in guillotine. The rope or chain is set up in such a way that if the magician doesn't xcape his restraints in time the blade falls and the spectator loses his head...


I have NO idea as to what to use or do concerning the apparatus which holds the chain or rope that would release the blade if I do not xcape in time to save the volunteer.

I have thought about using rope and a candle, but I work outside alot, so thats not so Practical.

Anybody, any ideas?

Johnny M.
Johnny Mystic
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Postby Pete Biro » 04/17/04 01:02 PM

Have the rope run through a large plastic box full of RATS that start to gnaw through the rope.

You should also include a FALSE start of the rope to fall.

Stay tooned.
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Pete Biro
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Postby Johnny Mystic » 04/17/04 03:01 PM

Wow Mr. Biro that is a great idea! I like it, however I'm not too sure my wife would like to have a bunch of rats in the home :eek: . My kids would probably love 'em though...

Okay, the creative juices are starting to flow...

Johnny Mystic
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Postby Guest » 04/17/04 04:03 PM

I don't like the idea of putting a spectator's life in danger (even if it isn't really). I would want to do this the other way around, like if you weighted the blade down more and the spec had to hold the rope up long enough for you to escape. You could put them on roller skates or something to make it more interesting. I just don't like the psychology of doing that to a spec.

Postby Johnny Mystic » 04/17/04 06:27 PM

I understand Jakob, there are many performers who prefer to not do illusions of this nature, but I'm not one of them :D ...this would be a comedy piece and believe it or not I do use the head chopper for b-day shows for kids.

Honestly though in this politicaly correct day and age I always ask permission from the parents and it's a good idea to NEVER use a child always the Dad or the seedy uncle who seems to know all my tricks.

Johnny Mystic
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Postby Guest » 04/17/04 10:07 PM

Okay then, if that's your choice I'll think in those terms. I'll see what I can come up with.

Postby Johnny Mystic » 04/17/04 11:19 PM

Thanks Jakob! Any help on this would be great. I like Pete's Idea about a survivor type thing...

these are the prop's Ta work with...
Deck of cards
Chain shaclkes
French Guillotine.

I have an already exsisting routine called 'The Most Dangerous card Trick In The World, The Card Trick Of Doom!'.

Card is selected, corner torn off & given to spectator. card lost in deck.

to his surprise volunteer has ta get into the guillotine ta help find his card.

Lot's of comedy byplay and finally blade crash's down thru the neck of the victim. Stuck to the blade is the chosen card!!! Lot's of fun....but I want more! :cool:

So, I Am adding an escape. That is my plan and I'm looking for something novel...I already have some solid ideas but would like more input.

Thank you for your time and help Jakob :) .

Johnny Mystic
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Postby Johnny Mystic » 04/17/04 11:52 PM

I should elaborate more on what I'm tryin'ta do, maybe something like this...

magician asks for 2 volunteers (a male & female). male picks card, card is shuffled into deck which is then held by female volunteer.

Magician explains to the guy who picked the card, "In order for me to find your card you must get into the guillotine". Victim is put into the stocks and locked up (lot's of comedy byplay).

Female volunteer helps magician into restraints,rope or chain shackels or something? (more comedy byplay).

(At this point I'm thinking of just sitting on the rope while seated in a chair and tryin' ta xcape without moving too much and releaseing the rope once again more comedy byplay)

magician finally escapes and saves the guys life, however the chosen card is never found.

While unlocking the male volunteer from the guillotine the magician accidently trips the blade....

which crashes thru his neck and to the floor! Stuck too the blade is the chosen card!!!

The End.

This is my plan...

Johnny Mystic
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Postby Christopher Starr » 04/24/04 02:41 PM

Great idea, Pete! Although, I confess that it seems better suited to Penn & Teller....

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Christopher Starr
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Postby Guest » 05/02/04 12:40 PM

It sounds like you already pretty much know what you want to do, however if you want to play around with some other off the wall ideas you might be interested in these, what if instead of a guillotine blade dropping down, the rope held a HEAVY WEIGHT, a BOWLING BALL or better yet a 100 POUND ANVIL over you the performers head. The object could be attached to a rope could be going through a cage that houses a pit bull,
Alligator, kid then the rope is covered in some sort of meat, causing the animal to chew at it.

The same thing could be done with a cocked gun/rifle on a tripod in which the trigger is tied tightly to a string/rope that is being gnawed at by a dog, one wrong pull there and the gun goes off, you have to escape before Ka-Boom.

These are intended for you to escape from, not the spectator they could be kind of fun, as they are not the most common of escape situations kickem around and let me know what you think

Just some corny ideas, hopefully not too corny


Postby Guest » 05/03/04 10:24 PM

I got it......

If I am not mistaken at the begining of this thread you wanted a way that would make the gimmick go off if you dont escape in time, correct?

How about a 2 compartement, kind of like a counter weight with either sand or water pourring from the above part into the other compartement and making it go up and unlodging the string from its resting place slowly (and dramatically). Almost like a see-saw. I think this could really work.. Either have someone tip it or take out a plug for the start and you're set.. what do you think?

Postby Guest » 05/04/04 09:07 AM

these are the prop's Ta work with...
Deck of cards
Chain shackles
French Guillotine
Going in a different direction:

Magician asks for volunteer to assist. Spectator appears reluctant, but joins magi on stage. (Heavy Magi cueing of spectator required.)

Magi pulls out cards: "Pick a card, any card." " . . . Now deal the deck out into 21 piles." Spectator attempts to leave. Magi shackles spectator to stage. Card trick proceeds in excrutiating fashion. Spectator suggests he would rather die than be tortured by card trick.

Magi: "That can be arranged." Places spectator in guillotine. Trips blade, spectator is unharmed. Shackles are off the spectator and Magi's hands are shackled behind his back. Spectator leaves stage, leaving Magi locked up. Magi calls after spectator, "What about your card?"


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