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Postby Guest » 12/18/02 08:00 PM

Let me introduce myself:

I'm 17, form Moreno Valley, California.

I'm stubborn, I might come off as a jerk every now and then but that is because I have strong opinions about things.

I go crazy if someone is not getting the credit they deserve. I hate it when someone works so hard just to see some other lazy magician steal their work. I would like to personally beat the living crap out of everyone that does that. Some minor mistakes I can handle but when it's full on taking it for yourself when there is proof from a million different directions then I go nuts!

I love emoticons.

I've been doing magic for about a year now. I did it for 3 years when I was younger, quit for 3 years then started again over a year ago. Don't let the inexperience fool you. I've done as much as I can to learn and I know a heck of a lot more then some people that have been doing it for 5 or more years. But I admit I have a lot to learn.

IF your cool with me I'll be coool with you. I respect everyones opinions but if you insult me prepare for a verbal assault that will more then likey get me booted out of here. I won't be cussing my head off but I will rip you a new one.

I'm not covering anything up. Just letting you folks know what kind of insane psychopath has just joined!!!

I suck at spelling and my grammar might not be too good. I admit it and I've heard compalining from every possible source immaginable.

Thats about it. Completely honest!!!

Hope this will be fun!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Psycho Magician!

Postby Ryan Matney » 12/18/02 08:44 PM

Have you met Cap Casino?
;) :D
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Postby Guest » 12/18/02 08:46 PM


I have been to his site, seen a few of his posts. Let me tell you (no offense Cap) I'm nicer then that!

In fact I was going to go into one of his threads and say a few things but I figured Mr. Kauffman and others handled it perfectly!


Postby Bill Duncan » 12/18/02 08:51 PM

Oh, this is going to be fun...

A bit of advise. You can feel free to express dissenting opinions here if you are civil about it. The forum leaders are pretty tolerant and only seem to boot complete jerks.

But God help you if you don't proof read and spell check your posts. Nothing gets you flamed quicker on Genii than misspelled or misused wurds.

Here's a couple of emoticons :rolleyes: on me... :) :cool:
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Postby Guest » 12/18/02 08:54 PM


Oh I forgot to mention that I am a complete and totaly goofball. 99% of the time I am a fun guy and I get a long great with people!!!

Don't worry I'm not to psycho! I just sometimes I go a little nuts!!! but like I said 99% of the time I am really a fun guy!


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