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Postby Guest » 06/12/04 11:04 AM

I perform quite a few kids shows both on stage and at birthday parties and I am looking for a good "big" type of illusion or effect that isn't going to cost a fortune! Something where the kids are really impressed and it isn't a huge prop that is a pain to transport. I have a pretty good show but I'd love to end it with something "bigger" Maybe a good looking production box, or some kind of head twisting thing...

Can I get some suggestions please.

Postby Pete Biro » 06/12/04 11:30 AM

Go to Tarbell and look for some kind of kid effect like Farmer and Witch... where you dress them up with silly outfits... plays big.

You can do things like rope, rings & coat.

U.F. Grant published a booklet "Victory Carton Illusions" using just cardboard boxes.

I'll sell you a Zig Zag (needs a little repair work) for $250.00 delivered.
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Postby Guest » 06/13/04 12:44 AM

I'm guessing that Andrew Mayne's Facelifter would probably go over big. Also, the Mark Wilson courses have some stuff that I think might work really well for you. Dig out your "Cyclopedia" and the box your dryer came in, and you mught just have the closer you're after sooner than you think.

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