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Postby walkinoats » 12/21/01 06:37 AM

I'm interested in adding a "newspaper prediction" type of effect to my act. Can anyone recommend a marketed effect out there that I can purchase?
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Postby Brad A._dup1 » 12/26/01 10:59 PM

Not sure of any on the market.

Have you tried Tarbell?

I know Al Mann had some manuscrips with a few clever newspaper predictions.

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Postby Guest » 12/30/01 05:05 PM

One of the best I used to use was in Al Mann's "The H Factor". You don't post or give the prediction to anyone before the show. Very cheeky, but underated by many mentalists I would think.

Another good presentation is the one in J,G, Thompson's "Between Two Minds" which can be picked up pretty cheaply.

The best versions are in print rather than on the market, but I am not sure the effect is that believable these days. Or may be questionable, for instance, would you have predicted Sept 11th events on that day?

There are several versions in the bound volumes of Magick.

Good luck with it.

Postby walkinoats » 12/30/01 07:20 PM

thanks all for your replys,
i'll look into it

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Postby Guest » 12/31/01 02:10 AM

We did a newspaper prediction three years ago.It was quite effective. A sealed prediction went into a wooden box. This box was also sealed and wnt into a clear perspex box, which was exhibited in a bank for a week. The trick was a result of combined ideas of Larry Becker and Bob Driebeek(NL). We got Bobs original construction. The basic idea might be found in one of Larry Beckers books.
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Postby Guest » 12/31/01 02:57 AM

The only box one of Becker's is the cassette prediction, I think, based on the Ghost Tray method, it is described in Stunners but made and sold by R.A.R. Magic in England.

I didn't know Bob was into that kind of thing Hans, you learn something every day. Especially on this forum :)

Postby Guest » 12/31/01 08:43 PM

There are some great "inexpensive" yet killer headline predictions that can be done. My favorite is the Bally Ho Prediction of which I do a variation which eliminates the "added mail" at the front desk.

Seems to me that there is a Nelson book on predictions such as that, Ted Lesley has his version in Paramiracles, and I beleive Larry Becker has one on one of his video tapes.

Those are a few that come to mind right off the top of my head.

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Postby Guest » 01/07/02 08:24 AM

Another excellent Newspaper type prediction (that I forgot about but something in the back of my head was bugging me until I dug it back up) is the "I Ching" prediction in Swami magazine. Unique, and very effective.
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Postby Guest » 01/07/02 02:19 PM

Dear colleague, I use newspaper predictions for over a long period of time. Due to my experiances, I strongly recommend you Anneman's routines. The book is really inexpensive and invaluable, plus very easy to find. Dover publications has a reprint and you can find it in your favourite magic store. The complete name of the book is "Practical Mental Effects" or "Practical Mental Magic". Both are the same books. And I also recommend you to check another "mind reader's bible" : "13 steps to mentalism" by Corinda. I think my solutions are the cheapest and most easy to reach ones.Best Ragards.
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