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I am planning on doing a dove performance, and I want some ideas on what else they can be used for. What I mean by this, is if i walk out on stage, I like to produce the dove right away because I don't want to keep the dove confined too long. My question, is this: Can they do anything else in my act than just appear out of no where?

Aidan Errickson

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Start by watching some dove performances to get an idea of what can be done with doves. There are exellent performance DVDs available as well as instructional DVDs to teach you how it's all done. Tony Clark's Unmasks #1 and #2 are especially good for beginners.

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Dove magic is a major committment. Take your time and really look around first and see fifty different shows. Magic with livestock is not over after the show.

Essentially, you can do the same basic things with livestock as you can with objects. They can appear, disappear and change places. They can even change colors.

Having spent my life doing dove magic, it's no secret that I love it. If it is for you, I hope you get as much pleasure from it.

Look before you leap.


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As Spellbinder said, Tony Clark's DVD's are great and if you get the entire trilogy, you also get a book about dove handling and different effects you can do with your birds. Its a great deal for 99 bucks. his website is

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Back in the 1970s/80s Ian Adair published lot of unusual dove routines through Supreme. Some were a little eccentric, my favourite being "the levitating dove" which struck me as inherently illogical: why would you levitate something that can fly?

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An MC bit I sometimes use (and apparently invented), is to have a silk left on the stage floor after a dove act.

Pick up the silk and inspect it.

Comment that it must belong to a magician backstage.

Produce the dove.

Hold the dove and silk out in separate hands and request that the last act come back out to you. They left something on stage.

It either gets laughs or openned mouths. Both are acceptable!

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander

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