Fukai Production Umbrellas Source?

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Postby Guest » 07/30/03 06:38 PM

Does anyone know who carries Fukai's production umbrellas and where I can purchase them?

Postby Kendrix » 08/02/03 06:28 AM

I have only seen them for sale after his lecture. I am sure there are other sources. Try going to Losanders web site and ask him to ask Shimada where he gets his.
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Postby Robert Allen » 08/02/03 08:29 AM

What kind of "production umbrellas" are these? Years ago I fiddled with an act producing open bambook cocktail umbrellas. It's fairly easy to modify them from the ones you buy at stores. Perhaps something similar is done for these production umbrellas you speak of?
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Postby TomTrix » 08/18/03 02:02 PM

Contact information to Fukai is: Magic Fukai, 2-15-16 Daizoji,Takatsuki-Shi, 569-1034, Osaka,Japan. Fax: 0726-88-8280 Phone:0726-88-0618 magicfukai@aol.com

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Postby Guest » 08/19/03 06:52 AM


Postby Frank Yuen » 08/19/03 09:15 AM

At Glenn Farrington's new auction site there is a set of production umbrellas listed. Here is the link:

Production umbrellas

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