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Postby Guest » 06/27/04 03:15 AM

I am an amature magician and would like to build some act with manipulative act and portable illussion. I need advice regarding books from which I can get ideas. Also would be thank ful to those friends who can give me ideas to build the act.


Postby Guest » 06/27/04 09:47 PM

Paul Osbornes' website should have what you're looking for. Specifically I'd recommend his "Easy Build Illusions".

"Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic" should also have some easily built portable illusions to consider.

Good luck,


Postby gulamerian » 08/16/04 12:20 PM

Paul Osborne Illusion Plans and books.
Mark Wilson Complete course in Magic.
Stage Illusions for the 1-2 or 3 Performer Show, by Burling "Volta" Hull.
Build Your Own Illusions By Jim Sommers.
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