Cut & Restored Streamer Question

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Postby Guest » 04/12/06 05:27 AM

I'm researching an improvement of method for a friend who does a cut and restored effect with a long silk streamer, unrolled from a turban.
In a McB Master Class it was suggested to research a method used by David P. Abbot- anyone know this? I don't have the Todd Karr book, alas, it may be in there...?
Many thanks in advance...
John Tudor

Postby Richard Kaufman » 04/12/06 07:18 AM

I think Cyril Yettmah's version "The Cut and Restored Turban" is in our book, The Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Guest » 04/12/06 08:35 AM

The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard, Page 164 - Cyril Yettmah's version of the Cut and Restored Turban.

Volume 5, Lesson 65, page 282 - Tarbell's Course in Magic has a Cut and Restored Turban, but no reference as to the inventor.

Yet another Hindu Turban Cut and Restored is located in Volume 6 of Tarbell, Lesson 81 - p334.

Spellbinder's searchable indices are worth the effort! Next, I believe he is adding Hilliard's Greater Magic to the list.

Postby Joe Pecore » 04/12/06 08:57 AM

A search shows that it is in Volume 2 of the Abbot book:
House of Mystery Vol II - The Indian Turban Illusion

Other ones it also found not mentioned above:

Hay, Henry: Learn Magic
51 Lesson 4: The Afghan Bands and the Cut Turban: a Cut and Restored Turban (length of cheesecloth) routine.

Chap's Scrapbook - Vol 2 No 14 Aug 1939
Page 1 Hindu Turban Mystery (Club Version) (Dr. Harlan Tarbell)

Self-Working Rope Magic Karl Fulves
43 Hindu Turban Mystery 85

Ganson, Lewis - Magic With Faucett Ross
Page 058 Hindu Turban

Fitzkee, Dariel: Rope Eternal, or The Only Six Ways to Restore A Rope
15 The Turban Trick Method
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Joe Pecore
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Postby Guest » 04/12/06 12:03 PM

I think I would use the method Tabary uses in the cut-and-restored sequence of his Rope Routine. The streamer/turban can be used over and over, since it isn't really ever cut.

John R

Postby George Olson » 04/12/06 01:13 PM

Just this past Sunday we were talking about "old time -- classic" magic, and Stan Kramien mentioned the Afhgan Bands and how it was one of his Palor favorites, and a couple of us agreed. It's great and I used to use it in the restuarant and leave it with the customer...

George Olson
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Postby Guest » 04/13/06 07:54 AM

Thanks so much, gentlemen. Interesting to find out: Todd Karr was nice enough to provide the info for my friend from the Abott book, and it was the same method she was using already!
I'll research all this...thanks!
John Tudor

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