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Postby Sam Kesler » 11/08/02 08:59 PM

I would be interested in your opinions about P. Howard Lyons' two volume book reprint of Ibidem (original magazine). What is some of your favorite material from these books? How would you classify the skill level required...beginner, intermediate (whatever that is), or difficult? Thanks in advance.
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 11/09/02 01:27 AM

As far as the quality of the material in the volumes goes, I'm a poor judge because that is not why I purchased them. I can say that the material is generally intermediate with some beginner and a little of what might be called difficult. What I love about them is the interesting reading (when one reads periodicals from the past - be it near or far - it's like traveling through time and I truly enjoy that) and the color reproductions of the amazing original covers.

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