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Postby Guest » 04/08/03 02:42 PM

I just wanted to mention how awesome Whit Hayden is! One day, Aaron Fisher and I went to Whit's house and I stumbled upon his notes, "Street Magic". There is a routine in there that is so powerful that it causes people to uncontrollably give you money. After discussing this routine with him, I didn't believe it would really work. So I went to the streets and started performing this routine the next day. The first day I only made about twenty dollars in tips. When I really started to understand the psychology behind the routine, my tips went way up. After two weeks I was averaging $40 per hour.
If you don't have these notes you should get them now. What a great way to make money in between gigs. Plus, I have already booked several shows from the people that I impressed on the street.
Maybe Whit can post a link where the manuscript is available. Thank you, Whit.

Postby Richard Hatch » 04/08/03 03:17 PM

In stock at H & R Magic Books at the published price of $20. Mention the Genii forum for free shipping...
Here's a link to the site:
I would guess your favorite dealers (Denny & Lee, Joe Stevens, Hank Lee, Brad Burt, etc) also stock this...
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Postby Pete Biro » 04/08/03 04:02 PM

Where and when are you working the streets? I'd like to come by and watch ya. ;)
Stay tooned.
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Postby Guest » 04/08/03 04:18 PM

Adam has been a Hollywood street walker.... er, worker, for quite some time.

As far as "Whit Haydn Rules," yes he does. It's Whit's world, we just all live in it. His publications, videos, and effects are all high quality, in spite of my recommendations.

--Randy Campbell

Postby Guest » 04/08/03 05:52 PM

Whit certainly is a gentleman. He was very kind and gracious to me last month when I broke his Perfect Egg! --Asrah

Postby Pete Biro » 04/08/03 06:47 PM

Whit happens... :p
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Postby Guest » 04/08/03 08:54 PM

Most of the time I can be found on Fri and Sat nights from 6- 8pm on Hollywood Blvd(Around Orange or Highland). I just stand there, not looking like a magician, and ask people as they pass, "Do you believe in E.S.P.?"

Postby Glenn Farrington » 04/08/03 09:37 PM

Damn...I thought this topic was about Whit being sent over to rule Iraq.
Comedy's Easy...Dying Sucks.
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Postby Carl Mercurio » 04/08/03 09:45 PM

I concur. Whit rules...
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Postby Randy Naviaux » 04/09/03 12:21 AM

Jeez, you all need to get Whit it!


PS 'My lowly pun contribution.'
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Postby Guest » 04/21/03 05:09 PM

Thanks, everyone. What a nice thread to happen upon. Actually, though, I don't rule. Not at least at home, where the pecking order is arranged by the dog. Nancy is on the top, her enforcer and second is the dog. I am usually just in the way.

At any rate, I appreciate all the nice comments. You guys have made my day. So all the puns are forgiven.

By the way, Adam, I am glad to see that my old ESP scam from the sixties still brings in the money.

Postby Jon Elion » 04/21/03 06:39 PM

Speaking of "Whit Rules", I had the good fortune to see Whit at Hank Lee's Cape Cod Conclave last weekend. His lecture and closeup show were AWESOME.

While I thought it rather bold of me to inquire, I approached him at his dealer's table to ask him about his handling of the Rising Card (as I had seen him do it at the Magic Castle). Despite the fact that we had never met, he was still gracious enough to dig up his deck (Devano-style) and walk me through some of the subtleties he uses (he makes it look and handle like a very ordinary deck of cards). If that's how he treats a total stranger, his friends must be lucky indeed.

"How much for the lecture notes, Whit?"

"20 bucks."

"How 'bout if you autograph them first, then how much?"

"10 bucks."
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Postby Joe Gallant » 04/21/03 08:26 PM

Originally posted by Jon Elion:
His lecture and closeup show were AWESOME.
Hey Jon, don't forget Whit's AWESOME stage performance during one of the evening shows at Hank Lee's Cape Code Conclave.

(By the way Jon, I'm the guy who sat in front of you at the close-up show.)
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Postby Guest » 04/22/03 10:22 PM

Originally posted by Whit Haydn:
Actually, though, I don't rule. Not at least at home, where the pecking order is arranged by the dog.
I'm not sure that dog's getting enough exercise.

Postby Guest » 04/23/03 01:29 PM

By the way, Street Magic and all my other books and videos are available at my website:

The School For Scoundrels

Thanks again for all the nice comments.

And Dan, my dog is named Barcoo. He is an Australian Shepherd. There is no way he can ever get enough exercise to cut down on his control-freak herding behavior. There isn't that much exercise in the world.

Oh, and everyone. Please note that the correct spelling is Haydn--no "e" in it. It is pronounced Hayden, but spelled like the musician "Haydn." It is confusing, but it is not my fault. It is Billy McCombs fault.

And back to Adam's original post, the ESP Survey is a busking scam. It works like a scam, but is really just a one trick busking show.

It is something that can be done on the street without drawing a crowd or attracting attention from the police, and I developed it back in the sixties when doing doorway shows in the West Village.

Whenever the cops would get too aggressive on my street show, usually because the crowds were blocking the sidewalk, I would move into this routine, which didn't draw a crowd, until the heat blew over.

Postby Guest » 04/24/03 12:17 AM

Also, a few people assume that you are a real psychic and ask you for MORE. This routine has so much potential to get you work. I almost feel like I should give Whit 10% of all of the stuff I've booked from it. I did say almost, Whit... don't get excited.

Postby Guest » 04/24/03 11:41 AM

I'll settle for 10% of the cash you get from the ESP Survey. ;)

Postby Guest » 05/28/03 02:19 PM

BTW. There is no "e" in Haydn.

Postby Guest » 05/28/03 02:51 PM

Notice that there's no P in our OOL; let's keep it that way. Thanks.

If you get a chance, go see Whit performing his magic at the W.C. Fields bar at the Castle. Great stuff!

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