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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 03/07/05 09:25 AM

So here's another typical weekend at Midwest Magic in Franklin Park, Illinois.

Last Friday night Lee Asher showed up for his lecture (which was really good)with Bill Goodwin and Jason Dean. 55 people showed up including Mike Powers and Dave Solomon among others. People came from Ohio, Indiana and all over the greater Chicago area. Saturday the three of them (Lee, Bill and Jason)stopped by the shop around noon and spent the day at the shop. It was a great day with terrific conversation and exchanging ideas. I even got to see Bill Goodwin perform and was able to pick up a set of his lecture notes. Mid afternoon Patrick Albenice ( a former magic Castle host) stopped by on his way up to Green Bay and joined in the fun for a while.

Lee, Bill and Jason stayed until the shop closed at 6:00 in the evening and then we helped with directions to their next destination, Davenport Iowa. One of the shop regulars even offered that they follow him to get them on the right highway as it was on his way home.

Another great example of the advantages of a brick and mortar magic shop and more speficically the great environment Tim Felix has created at his unique shop. Stop by when you can and continue to support all brick and mortar shops. When they're gone so are these typical weekends.
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