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Postby Thomas Rogé » 08/08/02 11:47 AM


I like banded deck effects. I'm usually using JC Wagners routine (Commercial Magic Of JC Wagner) and Paul Harris routine in Art of Astonishment vol 2... but I'm looking for more references. Could you please help me ?

By the way, I'm searching Ken Simmons "Banded deck effects". Somebody knows where I can find it ?


Thomas (France)
Thomas Rogé
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Postby Jon Racherbaumer » 08/08/02 01:17 PM

Peter Duffie, Ben Harris, and Max Maven can no doubt jump in here with specifics.
Ken Simmons published a small mss. on his "A-Band-a-Ment" handling. I published a version in MO and several in MAGIC magazine. Aldo Columbini published a small booklet devoted to BANDED EFFECTS. Ben Harris had a mss. that I think was titled BAND OF GOLD.

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Postby Peter Vanspauwen » 08/08/02 01:39 PM

Hi Thomas,

I think you'll enjoy Jay Sankey's "The impossible Elastic Penetration", "Pyramid" and "Please don't feed the playing cards". I found these in his lecture notes : "The Material Fiction of Jay Sankey".

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/08/02 01:44 PM

The Sankey effects also appear in Richard's Almanac and "Sankey Panky."
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Postby Denis Behr » 08/08/02 02:24 PM

At the moment I am organizing some books and sources. Concerning Rubber Band Effects this is all I can offer so far: Apocalypse Vol.3 (p.1465, 1709, 2113), Vol.4 (2178, 2179, 2189, 2214, 2240, 2535).
In "The Book" by the Flicking Fingers there is also a rubberband/cards effect.
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Postby Sean Piper » 08/08/02 03:34 PM

There is a full chapter devoted to Banded Deck effects and moves in 'Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks' by Karl Fulves. It's put out by Dover, so I imagine you can get it most places.


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Postby David Acer » 08/08/02 05:01 PM

Hi Thomas,

I also published my no-deck version of Sankey's Elastic Infiltration in the June, 2000 issue of Genii (which Biro should be receiving just about now...).
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Postby Ben Harris » 08/08/02 05:39 PM

Bands of Gold

Was published in 1987. It contained 4 deck and band effects. The cutest was the "sawing in half" of a single large band which became two smaller ones. This happened with the band wrapped around the deck and had a lovely visual element. It was fun to play with for one's own amusement!

The book copped a bit of flack for its odd size - it was an 8.5" X 11" but folded in half lengthwise. Odd to handle, difficult to send in the mail.

Richard Hatch Books, Hades or Hank Lee may have some in stock.

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Postby Thomas Rogé » 08/09/02 01:14 AM

Wow ! Thanks guys !

I'm still looking after Ken Simmons mss. Anybody has an idea ?

Thomas (France)
Thomas Rogé
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Postby John Pezzullo » 08/09/02 03:32 AM


I ran a search using Google and came up with a Ring Report for the Georgia Magic Club (IBM Ring #9):

From the "Ring Report" which is dated May 2001:

A copy of Colorado based magician Ken Simmons book "Banded Deck Effects", donated by the author, was won by Devlon Buckner.
Perhaps you can contact Devlon Buckner through Paul Sponaugle, the President of the Georgia Magic Club:

You never know your luck, Devlon Buckner may be willing to part with his copy.

Good luck.

John Pezzullo
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Postby Thomas Rogé » 08/10/02 06:05 AM

Does anybody knows how to reach Ken Simmons. Does he have a website, an email ? Is he alive ?


Thomas (France)
Thomas Rogé
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Postby David Neighbors » 08/10/02 10:58 AM

Hi Thomas,
I live in Denver Co. U.S.A. Ken Lives in Co. Springs. He use to keep it touch with me! but I have not seen the boy in about 2 years! I got An E-Mail from some time time back That he was selling off some books! But have not heard from him after that! I am not at home right now so I don't Have his E-Mail adress with me! I will see if I can get it for you! That's all I know! Sorry I can't be of more help!

Best David Neighbors
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Postby fredm » 08/10/02 02:48 PM

I have a copy of"Branded Deck Effects"for sale.

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Postby Thomas Rogé » 08/10/02 03:37 PM

If you mean "Banded deck effects"... :) I'm interrested !

I send you a private email.


Thomas Rog (France)
Thomas Rogé
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