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Postby Guest » 01/04/02 09:47 PM

There is a false display which I've seen here and there in the literature and on tape, which is really cagy, but I've never seen a credit for it.

I've found it in Swain's 'Twenty First Century Card Magic' in a trick called 'Shipwrecked' and in a couple of tricks from Nick Trost's Book of Card Magic, and I saw Aldo do it on one of his tapes.

The swindle goes like this: You have a face down packet of five cards in right hand biddle grip; the top card is black, the bottom card is black, the three cards in between are red.

With the left thumb you peel off from the top of the packet three cards in reverse order to the left hand; your right hand turns palm up to display a black card (a double) you put
the double face down onto the left hand packet and deal the top card to the table.

Your left thumb now peels off two cards from the right hand packet in reverse order and your right hand turns palm up to show another black card (a double) which you place face down onto the left hand packet. Deal the top card of the packet onto the table.

Your left thumb peels off one card from the right hand packet; both palms turn face up to show two black cards; put these cards (a double and a single) onto the tabled packet in any order you wish, depending on the trick you are doing.

You have shown five cards as four, four blacks. You have three reds to display, or two blacks and a red to show as four of a kind via an elmsley count.

I've never seen a credit for this display and would like to. Thanks in advance for any credible reference. . .

Postby Pete Biro » 01/05/02 12:24 AM

Sounds like Marlo's Olram Subtlety to moi...
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Postby Philippe Noël » 01/05/02 03:00 AM

Sounds like Daryl's Rising Crime laydown.
Encyclopedia of Card Sleights by Daryl volume height or The Collected Almanac P.238(Diamond Bar by Daryl).
Hope it helps.

Philippe Nol
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Postby Guest » 01/05/02 11:28 PM


Postby Guest » 01/05/02 11:31 PM

Yes, it's definitely Daryl's Rising Crime Display sequence. A beautiful thing.

I have a different handling of Daryls display sequence which Ive been using since I learned Daryls original handling.

The idea is simply to use the Stuart Gordon Stud Double Turnover to display each card before dealing it down. (This turnover is in print in Darwin Ortiz's CARDSHARK.) This handling would seem to be a natural outgrowth of Daryls orginal handling, in which the packet is held in RH end grip, and the first three are counted into the LH, leaving the double positioned in RH end grip, ready to be "Stuart Gordoned" face up, and then tipped down onto the LH cards.

Some of the benefits of this handling are: 1. Economy of action (the card doesnt have to be rested on the fan each time before the turnover). 2. Each face can naturally be displayed only briefly, and in transit, thus masking the fact that two faces are seen twice. 3. If using court cards (as in "Diamond Bar") after the Gordon turnover, the R thumb naturally "kills" the pip of the court card, and the L thumb can even touch the opposite index corner to mask that one as well.

Im curious if anyone has ever seen this kind of handling in print, or if anyone has been doing it this way. Id imagine so, as the idea seems quite natural (provided you do the Gordon Turnover).


Postby Guest » 01/06/02 05:35 PM

Sounds a dumb move to me. Sure it works, but all this peeling cards back and forth?

Try this rather bold Elmsley Count manoevre, sleight discrepancy but it flies by.Terry LaGerauld used this for showing two as four and I use it in all sorts.Works with these five cards from same start position of three reds between two blacks.

Take first card then tilt both hands back to display card and face card of packet, turn back, Elmsley switch, push third card over but flip it face up, then flip it down with fourth card, show face of fourth card drop it on top.Done quickly gives impression four black cards have been seen.Turn packet face up and Jordan count to show four red.

Paul Hallas

Postby Guest » 01/06/02 06:30 PM

to avoid the peeling action and keep the frame of the display I would start by having the two blacks cards in 2nd and 3rd postion from he bottom.
Then I would use 2 triple turn over (1rst with a break, 2nd boucling the bottom card).
To show the 2 last cards: you peel off the top card in the left hand and in the action of showing the faces of the card you steal the black card from the right hand on top of the left card.
I hope I've been clear enough :)

Postby Guest » 01/06/02 07:21 PM

Yes M@thiew, but in a longer routine the start position might HAVE to be three reds between two blacks. Which is where we came in.. :)


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