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Postby Guest » 04/09/02 05:09 AM

Those who are sending video clips via email - how? What is the process? What equipment do you need?

Postby walkinoats » 04/09/02 05:27 AM

Download the Video clip from the internet to your hard drive. Once you have the video clip saved to your hard drive, all you have to do is select it as an attachment to the e mail you are sending.

You can transfer video clips from a video camara to your computer via a USB or Firewire connection

Does this answer your question?
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Postby Guest » 04/09/02 12:51 PM

Thanks - but just want to be sure. If I take a video of myself- and want to send it to someone - hook up camera to USB?

Thsnks for your help.

Postby Jeff Haas » 04/09/02 06:52 PM


There's a few parts to this: Shooting the video clip, getting it into your computer, and then sending it to your friends.

Shooting a video clip: If you already have a video camera, you can shoot a clip of a move and review it until you get a take that you're happy with. That's pretty easy, it just takes time.

The part that's confusing is getting the video into your computer. If you have a recent video camera, it may have a Firewire connector on it (usually the new Sony cameras have this.) If you also have a recent computer, and it has a Firewire connector, then it's a very easy process to hook the camera up to the computer and copy the video to the hard drive.

But from your question, I'm guessing that you haven't spent the money on a new camera and computer recently. If you've got an older camera (or computer), then you'll need to get one of the various video capture gizmos, that allows you to digitize the video from your camera onto the hard drive. Some of these are cards that install into your machine; others are external devices that can plug into the USB port.

I did a quick search on CNet for "video capture" and found that the lowest prices for these devices is about $70.00.

The other option is to get a web camera. This is a small camera that attaches directly to your computer, usually through the USB port. The advantage that one of these has is that you just do the move for the camera, and it's recorded to your hard drive with the software that comes with the camera. It's easy to use. These are now available for under $50.00.

The disadvantage is that the quality you get from a webcam is lower than if you taped a clip with a regular camera and then transferred it to your hard drive. But if you're just messing around, and want an inexpensive solution, a webcam can work.

Once it's on your hard drive, you can send it as an attachment to an email. Be careful not to send huge attachments to your friends, these can take a long time to send on both ends.

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Postby Guest » 04/09/02 08:13 PM

Thanks Jeff - my computer is right up to date but I'm just looking into a new camera or whatever other equipment I need. I appreciate your help.

Joe D

Postby Pete Biro » 04/09/02 08:45 PM

I think you need video editing software. Canon makes a low cost nice setup.
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Postby Andy Hurst » 04/09/02 10:24 PM

I use a camcorder into an ATI all in wonder card and use the free real-producer to do clips for magic buddies.

There are some great low-cost 'web cams' that have a high enough frame rate and plug into a USB port. Real-producer can take input from most of these.

Hope that helps a little

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Postby Guest » 04/10/02 03:35 AM

Its also possible to publish your video clip on your homepage, then e-mail your video clip as a link into your e-mail. If you work with the Macromedia Flash software, then its possible to attach the video clip "streaming" into the mail from a webserver.

Postby walkinoats » 04/10/02 08:47 AM

If you have VHS tapes that you want transfered to your computer try the program DAZZLE.

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Postby Jeff Haas » 04/10/02 12:06 PM

There's an article on CNet that discusses three recent pieces of video editing software, it may help you understand the process.


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