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Postby Mike » 08/06/01 05:12 PM

What are the most effective routines / vanishes for McDonald Aces in print.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/06/01 10:36 PM

I think that Larry Jennings' "MacJennings Aces" which I published in Genii a year or two ago was really clever. The Aces all jumped back at the end: all the gimmicked cards are in the leader packet! The reverse of normal.
If you can search out Frank Garcia's green book, Super Subtle Card Miracles, there are some excellent McDonald's Aces vanishes in there. If you want to do the vanishes with one hand, consult the original Hofzinser handling, or the Vernon handling.
Many more have been published, but don't ask us which are best: YOU need to try them in front of laymen and see which get the best reactions for YOU!
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Robert Kane » 08/12/01 01:05 AM

Jon Racherbaumer's Olram Aces has some pretty cool vanishes. So does Gerry Griffen's Calfornia Magic & Novelty Video version of MacDonald's Aces. Oh yes and Johnny Thompson's version on video. Plus, the vanish that Vernon published in the Inner Card series is pretty neat too. :)
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Postby Jeffrey Cowan » 08/12/01 01:19 PM

The "advanced" version of Bob Kohler's Aces in Their Faces" is unbeatable for my money.
-- Jeffrey Cowan
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Postby Guest » 08/12/01 03:28 PM

And best presentation goes to Punx

Postby Guest » 09/08/01 04:34 AM

I'm curious on what the "advanced" handling of "Aces In Their Faces" might be, because that was one of the first tricks I bought when I was getting into magic, and I did'nt care for it much. (Well, the part where they all flipped face up when you reverse the ribbon spread was cool, but the assembly itself I felt left something to be desired.) I have always thought McDonald's Aces made for a better and more "magical" assembly...

Postby Sean Macfarlane » 09/09/01 11:01 AM

Richard, was MacJennings Aces taught on the Paris super sessions video series? Thanks.
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