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Postby Guest » 08/29/05 12:31 AM

I'm trying to research accurate "street" terminology for a three shell game routine I'm working on. I'm thinking specifically of the version using bottle caps and a bit of foam from a mattress or pillow, as often seen on the streets of New York. Is there a name for this other than the "three shell game"? In addition, I know, of course, about "punters" and "shills", but are there are other, possibly more current terms in use? Any help from those knowledgeable about this world would be greatly appreciated.

Postby Scott Grossberg » 08/29/05 07:44 AM

Shawn - On a few occasions, I have actually been allowed to watch street hustlers in San Francisco (at the Wharf) using bottle caps and a rolled up piece of paper (rather than foam). They played the "game" on top of a box/milk carton (depending on what was available in the immediate area) covered with a newspaper. When they thought there were cops in the area or nearby, the operator simply kicked everything over and walked away from the "trash."

As far as terminology goes, check with Whit Haydn and the School for Scoundrels. - Scott
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