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Postby Guest » 12/12/01 06:31 PM

Does anyone out there remember a series of card moves, in the old Magicana section, by a person named Dom Paliamo, ( not sure about the spelling of last name). I seem to recall that Charlie Miller wrote these handlings up. They involved a card switch, an action palm from an overhand shuffle and a center deal. I believe the center deal was from a stepped condition.
I was wondering who this person was, and whatever became of him.

Bruce Arnold

Postby Guest » 12/25/01 06:54 PM

Don Paolino

Magicana #10, 11/12, 15, 18, 23

Postby Guest » 12/25/01 10:10 PM

I believe his name is Dom (Dominic), He marketed tricks under the name P. Cinimod (Dominic spelled backwards) if I remember correctly. --Asrah

Postby DADj » 02/11/13 11:36 PM

its good to know my friend Dom is remembered he is still alive and well here in Philadelphia pa. he is running a video store but still works with magic almost daily. in fact he recently sold a few tricks to Meir Yedid you can find them on his web site if you want to contact Dom personaly just let me know and I will see if I can arange it
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Postby Mystik » 01/21/14 04:19 PM


How do i contact Dom for a Cobra deck?
I'm in Princeton, NJ.

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/21/14 04:37 PM

I suggest you contact Meir Yedid at his website:
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