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Postby Guest » 08/02/01 11:48 PM

I am trying to think of a fabulous 1 - 2 punch in close up. The one that I have been using is triumph into 3 card monte or sam the bell hop (modified story) into an anniversery waltz type of trick from Doc Eason (I only have to palm two cards to the bottom of the deck), instead of Doc's version I use a candle and explain how the cards melt together with a story (People freak out). One more sorry for the lengthyness any trick into card warp I think that was by Eugen burger but I am not sure.
I am looking for other opinions and suggestions.

Postby Brian Marks » 08/03/01 06:46 PM

The anniversary watz is not Doc Eason's and card warp is not Eugene Burger
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Postby Guest » 08/30/01 06:46 AM

Erm. Aniversary waltz is Doc Easons. Card warp is Roy waltons inspired by a routine of Jeff Busbys.

Postby Tomas Blomberg » 08/30/01 08:20 AM

Is the handling of Anniversary Waltz identical to Cold Fusion by Christopher Carter or did Doc Eason add something besides the idea to do it for a couple?


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