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Postby steve » 10/07/01 06:43 PM

I had a coin routine performed on me. Yes, on me. I was a spectator for David Stone a few months ago. I knew his routines as I had watched both of his videos numerous times. As I was the spec, and I had knowledge of his routines, I felt I could get a good view of the inner workings of David's sleights. So, there I am, thinking "Ha ha, yeah, fool me, right- I know what you are going to do". Well, just as he made the coins disappear and appear in my hand, I waited for the last transposition. The sacred move. He did the move and I saw nothing. I felt certain I had watched him so close he could not have done what he was supposed to do. As I opened my hand, the missing coin was not in my hand, where it should have been. I said "HA, it's not there". He said "Look under your watch" and there was the missing coin. Burned again, burned bad. Sweet move. Nice work David.

I thought this was a great technique and I wondered where David learned that. Does anyone know of anything in print or video of this type of stuff. I don't wish to steal watches, I wish to plant coins under watches. Any thoughts?
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Postby Jacky Kahan » 10/08/01 01:41 AM

if i'm not mistaken i think i read about a similar move in "pocket power" written by a friend of Jarle Leirpoll...

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Postby Guest » 10/08/01 02:48 AM

you should check out greg wilson's video, off the cuff

Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 10/08/01 06:57 AM

In an issue of Genii last year (I believe Sept. or Aug. 2000), there was a effect wher a card appeared under a watch. I think you could do the same with a coin if you wished. It was in the issue where the Flicking Fingers took over Magicana.

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Postby Guest » 10/08/01 09:02 AM

Hi Steve,
I had a similar experience as you at the IBM convention in Orlando, Bob Elliot nailed me with a coin under my watch... so since then i have been doing it a lot, and after a few times im sure you will realize that its not that dificult.. I came up with a simple handling, nothing original, just how i do it. And that is, to start off w/ 2 coins, 1 already loaded underneath your watch.. then palm the other one and produce it in any manner..ask the spectator (who has a watch on) to hold their hands out both palm up.. at this point i usually give some BS explaination as to how the coin doesnt disappear, it simply melts inside of my a couple coin flurries to show this..then you tell them you are going to do this in their hands.. so you fake a pass from your right hand to your left..keeping the coin finger palmed in your right, in the act of adjusting their left hand to move it down is when you slide the coin under their takes less than a second..they think that you have the coin in ur left hand, so you pretend to rub it inside the palm of their hands... you can now show that the coin is really gone.. it is a very nice vanish.. because your hands really are empty, now you tell them that you really will tell them where it went, so u make a snapp with your left fingers... and if you do it right it makes a clinking sound between the watch and the show that the watch actually ended up underneath your watch...this is impresssive to them... then you offer to repeat it this time you can do whatever you want to vanish the coin.. then look under your watch again.. look puzzled and then tell them to look underneath their watch...its simple, but it serves as a good opener, or trick anywhere in ur performances...i hope i described this ok.. let me know if u get any use or ideas from it... its jusst a simplex handling but it seems to play very well for laymen...

Postby Sean Macfarlane » 10/08/01 11:00 AM

This routine rocks, I love the looks of the spectators when its finally revealed under there watch. I use the method taught on "Off the Cuff" I heard an interesting idea recently though. If your adept at stealing watches you could try a routine where the coin appears under the watch and then steal the watch shortly afterwards, load the coin under the watch and leave it on the table or on your hand or where ever you can think of really.
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Postby Patrick » 10/08/01 07:58 PM

The effect can be found in Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse Vol 13 No 4 -it is called Quart(er)z Watch it was based on a idea shown to the late Mark Sicher by Gazzo Macee. Both Mark and Steve Cohen got together and came up with the handling. It is a great effect. I place the quarter in their hand and have them close it as I load the duplicate under their watch and say "If I could make the coin disappear would they think it was a good trick" They most likely say yes. Which I reply "It would be but I can't so let me show you something else" I then proceed with Mark and Steve's handling.
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