Latex inlays ("Acrobatic" cards)

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Postby NCMarsh » 01/10/05 11:44 PM

I've become reasonably adept at splitting cards, and am interested in working with latex flaps (I would like to be able to build the Don England gaff for "Holy P.O.D." and would like to be able to replace the gaff for Gary Plants' "Magnetized Cards" when its time comes).

I understand that Marty Grams has put out some useful information about constructing these gaffs on DVD -- unfortunately, due to the company that he has chosen to produce his work, I will not purchase this disc.

Are there other sources of information about these gaffs? What adhesives seem to work best for adhering latex and cardstock? Any tips/techniques for maintaining tension in the rubber when assembling these flaps?

Thanks for any help.


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Postby Guest » 01/23/05 05:27 PM

The flap is dental dam used in PentCoin or coin through rubber sheet into glass. Empire sells the trick with the sheets which I paid $3.00 for. There is enough dental dam in the package for many cards. I have found that double stick tape works the best. I have acrobatic cards I made over 2 years ago and the tape works fine.

Postby Guest » 01/29/05 03:58 PM

i get my dental dam from a dental supply house. i called my dentist asked for his local supplier of dental dam. the box i have has qty 52 5" x 5" pieces. they also come in different thickness. i use "heavy" and it works great. hope this helps.

Postby Guest » 01/29/05 04:35 PM

If your town has an "adult novelties" store, you can probably buy a sheet or two there. It may be mint flavored.

Don't get into a discussion with them what you will use it for. Not because you will reveal secrets, but they will.

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