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Postby Guest » 01/03/02 07:16 AM

Just wondering if any of you perform the magnetized cards with the Gary Plants gimmick. If so, what kind of reaction are you receiving? Michael Close gave it a great review. Also, does Plants produce these things with Tally Ho backs

Postby Guest » 01/03/02 08:12 AM

I don't have this particular gimmick but the quality of Gary Plants' products are incredible. Whatever you buy from him would be well worth the money spent.

Postby Van » 01/03/02 11:17 PM

Great Effect. Fooled the pants off of everyone at the last Dallas Close Up Convention (DCUP3 is on April 6,7) DCUP3
Blows laymen away.

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Postby Paul Green » 01/03/02 11:59 PM

Hi Chris,

I have it, I use it... I think my audiences are really blown away by it. It has become one of the most requested items by those that come back a second time.

Gary's craftsmanship is fantastic. Buy it and give it the practice it requires. I think you will like it too.


Paul Green
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Postby Mark Jensen » 01/10/02 11:36 PM

Hi Chris,

Contact Gary and order one. As Paul stated give it the practice it deserves. Also, if you are like me you may find that you need to alter the handling of the gimmick just a bit for it to work was only a small change, but it made all the difference.

This wasn't a "flaw" in the gimmick...more a flaw in how my hand works ;)

Mark Jensen
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Postby Guest » 01/11/02 06:58 AM

Will Gary make this item in Tally-Ho? This is my only concern.

Postby Gary » 01/13/02 08:07 PM


I can make you the magnetized gaff in Talley-Ho that has the four small circles at the corners. They work beautifully. The Talley-Ho with the large circle...I can make it work but the gaff may not be as "well hidden" as on the other backs.

Thanks for the interest,


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