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Postby Guest » 12/21/05 04:57 PM

in ganson's "routined manipulations" (part 2), there is an interesting blindfold act attributed to al koran. it makes use of a device?/container? called a "card index." this is perhaps a clip or something? can anyone parse this precisely?

Postby Pete Biro » 12/21/05 11:42 PM

A card index holds as many as 52 cards so you can get the one you want rapidly. The master was Jimmy Grippo. There are a number of them on the market, some good, some awful.
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Postby Guest » 12/23/05 09:33 AM

Don't stop there Pete, which available one's are good and why? :p

Postby Guest » 12/23/05 10:50 AM

When you find an index you like - there are a couple of little booklets on the card index - settle on one and learn how to use it. Don't flit from method to method. Learn to use ONE thoroughly. There are two nicely designed ones in Bob Wagner's Notebook of Magic. One design for the trouser pockets....one for the coat pockets.

Take a several hundred small slips of paper and write the name of a card on each one. Put the papers in a bowl and mix them up. Have wife/girlfriend/child/friend draw out one name at random. Produce the card. Half an hour a day for a couple of weeks will have you proficient.

The getting of the card should become automatic, like playing the piano. You shouldn't have to think about what to do when you hear the name of the card. Your hand should go to the right place automatically.

Only when you are at that level should you move to working up effects.

Postby Guest » 12/31/05 11:33 PM

The Bob Wagner book has some great information on indexes. Personally, Bob shared a bit of advice that I think is great along with what David has stated above. Bob told me to visualize the position/location of the card before going to the pocket to remove it. I found this to be quite helpful.

Long ago, Charlie Miller featured my index in his Magicana column. It was useful for those that wanted to produce a card from the side pocket of your jacket. Cheap to make and "easy" to use (with proper practice).

Ron Wilson and Charlie Miller also released a small pamphlet on their own card index. Perhaps you can find that on the secondary market.

Good luck in your search,

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