"Tivo 2.0" by the Buck brothers

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Postby Guest » 08/26/07 05:21 PM


Out of curiosity, does anyone perform "Tivo 2.0" by Dan and Dave Buck?
--This is my latest "card trick obsession", but I have a way to go before I would dare perform it in public.

I would love to hear real stories about how lay-people react.

Postby Guest » 09/01/07 10:33 PM

Hi there,

Well I do perform this effect for people, and I have to say the hardest thing about it is trying to explain to the spec whats about to happen. The majority of the time they flip out when the top card changes to the one you placed in the center outjogged. They don't even realize that they switch.

Put in the time for a well thought out patter and you'll have your self a real fooler.

As for a story... I once did this effect right after Roy Waltons Time Machine cause of the similar plots. As I explained to the spec that "This time I'll leave the card on top face up". As soon as I changed the card I didn't even have enough time to pull out the out jogged card she spilt her drink all over my Tally's and kept saying "No [censored]' way".


Postby Guest » 09/06/07 02:35 PM

I usually get the same reaction. I approach it as if the first card selected will be mine and the second will be theirs. That way they have only one to remember (the other one is visual enough to remember anyway) then you can ask them again after the first change " now, what was the name of you card?" As long as you get them perfectly aligned with a fair amount of speed, then you can remove the other from the center more slowly and dramatically as they name it. Hope that helps a bit. I'm sure there are endless ideas to patter about time travel as well.

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