"Can I make your wife disappear?"

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Postby Guest » 02/18/07 10:40 PM

What do you guys say to the always surprising question "can you make my wife disappear?" or better still (for those restaurant workers out there); "can you make the check disappear?".

Oh... and I just might "borrow" a few of those lines, too ;) ... Pretty tired of the same old "well, for a good price, anybody can disappear!" :sleep:


Postby Guest » 02/18/07 11:25 PM

Jon Allen and pepka posted responses to those questions in this earlier thread.

(I remembered the thread because I liked the Paul Daniels response to the "Can you make my wife disappear?" question that is in Jon Allen's post.)

Postby Guest » 02/19/07 08:27 AM

Ron Geoffries' response (referenced by Pepka in the linked thread) is also a great one... but who could afford the pocket space to carry the counter around?

Postby Guest » 02/19/07 08:45 AM

"Keep saying things like that, sir, and she'll disappear all on her own."

Postby Guest » 02/19/07 11:26 AM

"Funny thing, she was in here 20 minutes ago... asking the same thing"

Postby Guest » 02/19/07 11:59 AM

"Let me have sex with her once and I promise you'll never see her again."

Postby Guest » 02/21/07 11:54 AM

Paul Wilson has a nice answer for the wife question, "Didn't I do that for you a few years ago?"

As for the check, I usually say "That's how I lost my last job."

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