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Postby Brian Rasmussen » 06/10/05 09:19 AM

I really like effects like Doug Edward's 6 Card Royal because of the multiple ooh ahh moments. However, as I've been reading more opinions on magic theory I am starting to look at this particular effect differently in that there are maybe too many things happening without good justification. A card is picked and put in the middle, cards are counted and you keep doing the repeat idea throwing one away, then the card is found in your hands, and the extra counted cards make a royal flush. I'm sure that with proper presentation ideas these sequences can be sewn up in to a nice little routine. Does anybody perform this routine and how have you justified each stage? I think the trick can have good humor (with the counting) but why the royal flush at the end? I don't want to just say...oh, I don't waste any cards etc. To me it is hard to answer the question "So What?" after studying this routine. Maybe this routine is better only for magic buddies? Is this over thinking or should I just move on to something else? Any opinions? Thanks.
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Postby Pete McCabe » 06/10/05 09:35 AM


This sounds fascinating. I have a version of the Edward Victor 11 Card Trick using six cards that ends with a royal flush. It's going to be in my book on Scripting Magic.

The script is one I'm really proud of, mostly because it thoroughly justifies every aspect of the trick; the repeated extra card, and the royal flush climax.

Can you please tell me where Doug has his routine in print. I obviously have to check his out, if for no other reason than to keep my credits accurate and complete.
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Postby Brian Rasmussen » 06/10/05 10:50 AM

I think it is in the book Doug Edwards Packs a Wallop. I've seen Harry Lorayne do it on his card videos and I think it is on one of the newer Easy to Master Card DVDs by Ammar as well.
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Postby Eric Rose » 06/10/05 04:43 PM

It is in Packs A Wallop - page 39. Thinking about Brian's question I just started playing around with it this afternoon. Lorayne even says that the Royal Flush ending is a bit illogical, so I messed around a little and split it into two different, but cohesive tricks.

Trick 1
Perform the first phase as written with one exception. Put any available four of a kind under the 5 card stack on top. Cut and hold a break at the 9 card stack. Spread the cards, passing the break and 5 below it and classic force any one of the 4 of a kind (based on R.P.Wilson trick). Cut at break and return stack (minus selection) to top of pack. Perform 6 Card Royal as written in Wallop, but do not show the Royal Flush Kicker. Place their selection back on top of deck (returning it to it's 4 of a kind).

Trick 2
Cut the deck from the back at the middle or so. Slide in the unrevealed Royal Flush and hold a break above it. Cut at the break and perform an out-faro. False shuffle or cut as desired. Deal two five card poker hands. Spectator receives four of a kind with their selection, magician receives a royal flush.

Patter/ scripting should be fairly obvious. Spectator has affinity towards chosen card in first trick. Affinity continues in second trick, but magician tops spectator's luck. Would probably end it with my favorite variation on line "I'd rather be lucky than good." My variation is "I've heard that it's better to be lucky than good." (Turn over 4 of a kind) "But I've found being good has it's own benefits." (Turn over Royal Flush)

Worth what you paid for it.
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Postby Guest » 06/11/05 08:43 AM

In addition to being in print in Doug Edwards Packs a Wallop,this routine is also written up in the Volume 13, NO. 5 May, 1990 issue of Apocalypse p.1784.

Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracles vol. 7

Volume 10 of Harry Lorayne's set of videos from L&L Publishing.


Postby Brian Rasmussen » 06/11/05 07:03 PM

Thanks to all. I like the ideas given and will try them out Eric. Mr. Thrash...it is nice to hear from you again!
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