Which is for you the best effect with cards?

Discuss your favorite close-up tricks and methods.

Postby Ricky Difeo » 08/05/03 11:56 AM

Which is for you the best effect with cards?
The best card effect impromptu
The best in packet cards
The best with deck fake

My answers:

1) Play it Straight - J.Bannon
2) Twister Sister - J.Bannon
3) "White Bikes" - Paul Richard

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Postby Guest » 08/10/03 09:12 PM

No one does it any longer; it is not "NEW" and as Bob Longe points out is is a bit too long, but Out of This World has often been considered, hands down, the greatest card trick ever.
Grant, again as Longe points out, made a new mircle out of is in his impromptu. I have fooled engineers over and over again (repetition) with Grant's version.
P>S> Longe put out a book for $5;95, oversize, great Card collection. Just got it at Barnes and Noble.
Great for teching grandchildrn some really good tricks.

Postby Guest » 08/11/03 04:34 AM

I here alot about this card trick Out of this World. On how much impact is has on people. Is it on a book or video?

Postby Michael Jay » 08/11/03 04:52 AM

I personally enjoy Ron Bauer's presentation on OOTW, called "The Feminine Side," which is an entertaining presentation based on Tony Chaudhuri's handling.

The manuscript can be found on RB's site:


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Postby Q. Kumber » 08/11/03 04:58 AM

Out Of This World is a very good trick. Harry Lorayne developed a version called Out of This Universe that has so much shuffling in it that by the time you get to the effect the spectators are asleep. I think he was going to put it on one of his videos but the tape wasn't long enough.

My version is much better and won a prize for originality at the balloon decorators convention. Basically you hand the spectator a pack of jokers and they have to deal them into two piles, red ones and black ones. They aren't allowed to look. Some magicians feel it helps if the red jokers have red backs and the black jokers have blue backs but I feel this makes the method too obvious. Like the Too-Perfect Theory.
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Postby Guest » 08/11/03 05:42 AM

Originally posted by MartinJ:
No one does it any longer; it is not "NEW" and as Bob Longe points out is is a bit too long, but Out of This World has often been considered, hands down, the greatest card trick ever.
I still perform this all the time, somtimes multiple times to the same audience, and I have always got an incredible reaction. I use the original Curry version, with all of his subtle touches and although I have looked at other versions, for me the original is perfect. It is easily my most favorite card trick. I use it impromptu with a borrowed deck, and have never found the audience getting bored with it. In fact, it is my most frequetly requested trick.

There is a great account of it being performed to Winston Churchill 6 times in a row in Paul Curry\'s Book Magician\'s Magic . You can find it in other books too. The first book I read it in is Paul Clive\'s Card Tricks Without Skill (of sleight of hand) .

Postby reed mcclintock » 08/11/03 06:15 AM

I am with you guys above on the Ron Bauer course of magic. Feminine Side is a killer. That fools everybody. Including magicians that are not familiar with it or have heard of it. I was out one night with some pretty hard-core card guys and not being a card guy myself I wanted to join in the fun. I went through the whole presentaion, like I would for a natural audience. When I finished each of them went wow what happened and when did I miss all of the work.
I hope it was the practice on the presentation that drove them to the trick and methodology.

If I may just plug those Ron Bauer booklets, I highly recommend them. They have literally changed most every thing about how I do my magic. I do not do many of the effects. But I study the lessons frequently. You can take any trick and make it powerful for you if you follow his suggestions and play around to find exactly how and what works for you.

I think as of right now my favorite card effects (Routines) would be
Ricochet R. Paul Wilson combined with my twist and My handling of his fine trick
Aces to Jacks Steve Dobson A brilliant piece of card magic with all natural impossibilities. It is a walloper I.M.H.O
Chicago Surprise a variation of Whit Haydns handling
T&R card
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