18 types of magic effects?

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Postby Guest » 11/27/06 10:22 AM

Hi all,

I know one of the classic magic books has some list that tries to generalize all magic effects into a list of 18 different effects. Like: production, vanish, transposition, etc. And maybe I'm not exactly right on the number, but I think it was 18. Can anyone tell me what book this was in? Also, do you recall the exact wording of the name of the list? 18 what? I know I've seen the list on-line before, but googling hasn't turned it up. I think I'm just not using the right phrase. Thanks!

Postby Guest » 11/27/06 10:40 AM

Dariel Fitzkee's The Trick Brain has something along those lines.


Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 11/27/06 10:42 AM

Check out this thread .

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Postby Guest » 11/28/06 07:01 AM

Here is Fitzkee's list from The Trick Brain

1. Production (Appearance, creation, multiplication)
2. Vanish (Disappearance, obliteration)
3. Transposition (Change in location)
4. Transformation (Change in appearance. character or identity)
5. Penetration (One solid through another)
6. Restoration (Making the destroyed whole)
7. Animation (Movement imparted to the inanimate)
8. Anti-Gravity (Levitation and change in weight)
9. Attraction (Mysterious adhesion)
10. Sympathetic Reaction (Sympathetic response)
11. Invulnerability (Injury proof)
12. Physical Anomaly (Contradictions, abnormalities, freaks)
13. Spectator Failure (Magicians' challenge)
14. Control (Mind over the inanimate)
15. Identification (Specific discovery)
16. Thought Reading (Mental perception, mind reading)
17. Thought Transmission (Thought projection and transference)
18. Prediction (Foretelling the future)
19. Extra-Sensory Perception (Unusual perception, other than mind)

There are several other lists such as this by others in the book as well.

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