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Postby Guest » August 29th, 2003, 1:26 pm

So I came up with a clever routine ,a joker turns into a named card but then turns back to a joker. I even have a solid presentation. Then I was watching an old performance tape of Juan Tamariz and he did this effect. Does anybody know where this is published or if it is unpublished because I still like "my trick" but wouldn't want to be stealing. Thanks

Noah Levine

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Michael Kamen
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Re: Source

Postby Michael Kamen » August 30th, 2003, 10:07 am

Hello Noah,

I do not get the impression from your message that you are planning to publish the idea. But even if you were, I would submit to you that acknowledging Mr. Tamariz' parallel work in this area is really all you would need to do to complete the ethics circle. You can perform any trick you conceive of, in your own way, and you should not stifle your own creativity by concerns over whether someone, anyone else may have thought of or done something similar. Over time you will realize there is nothing new under the sun. Your appreciation and where appropriate tribute to those who inspired you or have done similar work is the limit of your responsibility in most cases. Make every trick your own! At the same time, avoid becoming intoxicated with the illusion of originality, especially when it comes to card tricks. Be creative, be inventive, and enjoy!

Michael Kamen

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