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Postby Guest » 09/28/05 11:31 PM

I have the new complete Workers series in book form (looks great, nice job Close'). I was wondering if anyone can direct me to some particular favorites of yours to look at. I appreciate your imput.
Steve V

Postby Guest » 09/28/05 11:54 PM

while i don't have the new version. some of my favorites are The Frog Prince, Dr. Strangetrick and the Origami bill production.

Postby Dustin Stinett » 09/28/05 11:58 PM

Trust me Steve: Read all the essays first. By doing that, you will be encouraged to find out what is good for you versus what is good for me.

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Dustin Stinett
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Postby Guest » 09/29/05 01:01 AM

No wonder you are my pal!
Steve V

Postby Pete McCabe » 09/29/05 07:36 AM

I agree with Dustin.

That said, my personal favorite overlooked Worker is the Imagination Tester. I've done this and it is really a wonderful effect.
Pete McCabe
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Postby Guest » 09/29/05 09:59 AM

You can't go wrong with most anything in the Workers series. I have been working for years at a local pub and I would say that the work found in these volumes has influenced what I perform more than anything else I have read (with the exception of Carney and Wonder). If I had to pick a top three, they would be:

1) The Pothole Trick - wihtout a doubt, gets the BEST reaction from spectators over anything else I do.
2) Dr. Strangetrick
3) Reading the essays

There is defenitly something for everyone in this series. Enjoy!


Postby Frank Starsinic » 10/05/05 09:27 AM

I personally like "The Unreality Machine"
Frank Starsinic
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Postby Alexander Crawford » 10/09/05 06:10 PM

I really wouldn't touch these books. Anything there is totally unworkable.

Shhh. Do you think he fell for it? We don't want anyone else doing this great stuff do we?
Alexander Crawford
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Postby Bill Duncan » 10/09/05 06:55 PM

I have heard that "A Trick For O'Brian" has been known to cause butt cancer.

And I know a guy who burned his pinky while doing "The El Cheapo Magic Clu..."

This stuff is way too dangerous to do in public.
Bill Duncan
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Postby Guest » 10/09/05 07:03 PM

Thanks for the warning, I've put the book into a plastic bucket and burried it like a times capsule. Let the future generations deal with the problems is what I say.
Steve V

Postby Chris Bailey » 10/28/05 07:18 PM

I always thought Chicken Teriyaki was a very nice coin routine that nobody seems to do.
Chris Bailey
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Postby Bill Duncan » 10/29/05 06:34 PM

It's not that there's anything wrong with Chicken Teriyaki, it's just that it's unremarkable. It's a good solid routine. A Worker, for sure. But compared to things like The Frog Prince or The El Cheapo Magic Club it's just hard to get excited about it.

I have to agree with Mr. Close, who notes his suprise that few people have adopted the 26 cents routine. It's one of the better impromptu coin routines you can do with just the change in your pocket.
Bill Duncan
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Postby Jon Allen » 11/03/05 12:00 PM

The Workers series is wonderful. My personal favourites are The Frog Prince and The Big Surprise. In the latter, Michael gives a few of his views on the card to box idea and some of the frailties with it. Reading what he said and performing The Big Surprise helped in the development of my Destination Box.

As others have said, read the philosophy and theories as well as the tricks and you'll be a much better magician for it.
Jon Allen
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