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Postby Vraagaard » 04/13/05 04:12 AM

Dear coin magicians

Just an idea on how to combine great routines in to longer and even greater routines maybe you can judge by yourself. So heres a routine Ive been playing around with for a while. It receives great reactions and it should because its actually based on two super routines. I hope you like the plot and the combination.

I start by bringing out a small coin purse with 3 coins (actually youll need 3 coins with a hole in the center. In Denmark we have regular 5 kroners with a hole, but you can use Chinese coins or washers if you dont have regular coins with a hole in the middle). I ask the spectator to examine that the purse is empty and place it on the table (purse will be used later).

Then I perform a variation of Sankeys Mr. clean coins across (Or Gregory Wilsons - if you like). Its basically a three coins across effect any variation of 3 coins across will do the job. Now I changed Sankeys and Wilsons version on two parts. First, I never liked the fast pace, I want it to go slow and being easy to follow. However, I realised that the fast pace was due to the difficult angle when transferring the third coin (at least I had a problem with this), so I exchanged the third transfer into using a Roth subtlety by holding the 3 coins in a fan and - well you know - just like the endning in many Three Fly routines. The first part of the combined routine plays on the fact that the Danish currency is uncontrollable and able to fly around, vanish and reappear. Now this routine in itself is over before it even started which is another thing I never liked - that's why I really slowed it down in pace. Its super visual and great magic in itself, but I wanted that great magic to last longer and since I only do one coin trick at each table (table hopping) I wanted to stretch this routine which is the reason for the slow pace and introducing part two of the routine. I wanted part two should be equally astonishing, and involve direct spectator interaction. It could have been a coins across in the spectators hands routine but I decided to continue with the following.

Now after the 3 coins across I say You see thats actually the reason why they have holes in the middle. Because then you can keep them in control by tying them up. From my back pocket I now introduce a ribbon and steal .. well some of you will know. Its a thin ribbon because the holes in the Danish coins are quite small so size your ribbon to the holes in the coins you are using. The spectator is asked to examine the ribbon and insert it into the holes of the 3 coins. And then I move into Troy Hoosers Charming Chinese Challenge where I use the coin purse for the final transition to the spectators hands. The CCC routine is a wonderfull penetration routine with the 3 coins leaving the ribbon one by one. The patter plays on the fact that even being tied up we cant control the Danish 5 kroner coins, and thats the real reason why the European countries do not want to have the Danish currency invited into the Euro currency its simply too uncontrollable.

Let me hear your comments to improvements or additional endings.
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