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Postby Guest » 09/03/01 11:56 PM

Hi guys. I need a little help. I am a novice/intermediate magician looking for the best torn and restored card effect (that I can do). It does not matter if it is piece by piece or the entire card at once. Any suggestions or advice would be great.

Postby Guest » 09/04/01 06:18 AM

Some T&Rs are really easy, but not at all examinable, such as Hoodwink.

Others, such as Reformation and Reparation, are knock-out effects, but are quite difficult to perform. Furthermore, they're relatively expensive on resources.

For a really nice T&R that restores 3/4 of the card and is totally examinable, I like J C Wagner's T & R. You'll find it in his book Seven Secrets. And while it takes some practice, I should think that it's within anybody's range.

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Postby Guest » 09/04/01 06:41 AM

One of the most magical looking in my opinion is probably Guy Hollingworth's "Reformation". It is also very difficult to do.

Darwin Ortiz has a torn and restored effect from "Cardshark" called "the Marker". His routine gives a logical presentation as to why you would want to tear the card up to only have it put back together.

Postby Richard Morrell » 09/04/01 07:40 AM

Can I recommend Craig Alan's Completley Torn ( whilst not a true piece by piece restoration, it is a full card restoration that happens in a spectators hand, can be done with any card and is a lot easier and more practical IMHO than the Hollingworth/Lovick routines.

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Postby Guest » 09/04/01 09:02 AM

Having tried various torn and restored effects, Ive not came across any as clean as Roy Waltons "I`d Give My Right Hand".

Of course, this is only my opinion.

This effect appeared in a Profile magazine many years ago.

Its clean, funny, (very) easy to perform, and apart from crushing the card just before the restoration, it is totally visible!

Also for a "quick" effect, this same handling can be used to do an impromptu torn and restored treasury note!

Postby Oliver Corpuz » 09/04/01 11:09 AM

An easy to do torn and restored card trick is Paul Harris' single torn and restored card. I like Tommy Wonder's handling of this Harris' effect because it is easy to do and has a comic ending (getting 'caught' having masking tape hold the last part in place.) You can find the explanation on the Tommy Wonder Lecture Video.

Reformation and Reparation are wonderful card restorations, but as mentioned previously, they are not easy to do and will require a lot of practice to learn. Also, those two tricks are easy to screw up... so having a fellow magician coach you and provide feedback when you practice or video taping yourself will help you tremendously.

Good luck!

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Postby Brian Marks » 09/04/01 08:33 PM

Posted by Mark Enis

"Darwin Ortiz has a torn and restored effect from "Cardshark" called "the Marker". His routine gives a logical presentation as to why you would want to tear the card up to only have it put back together."

tearing up a card and putting it back together doesnt really need a "reason"

I guess its done for the same reason that you have someone pick a card which value you dont know, shuffle it back in a deck and find it or sawing a woman in half and putting her back together or producing a rabbit out of an "empty" hat, because uits magical"
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Postby Ruben Padilla » 09/04/01 08:53 PM

Oh, I disagree, Brian. You GOTTA have a reason. Otherwise, why don't we just drop their card in a paper shredder or into the whirling fan blades of the spectator's car, or cover it with gravy and have your dog eat it? (Hey, wait a minute...these aren't bad ;) ) Seriously, doing something just because you can is, in my humble opinion, the stupidest reason for doing magic.
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Postby Ed Oschmann » 09/04/01 10:28 PM

Jon Racherbaumer described a nifty one by Alexander DeCova (sp?) in MAGIC magazine several years ago. It was marketed previously by Joe Stevens.
A card is selected and ripped into pieces. A corner is given to the spectator as a "receipt". The pieces are placed on the deck. With a slap of the hand the card is restored (quite visually!) with all but the torn corner.
I've used it many times all with audible gasps from the audience. Really cool. :eek:
Ed Oschmann
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Postby Guest » 09/04/01 11:00 PM

Thanks everyone you have really helped me out, I will work on these ideas and let you know how it goes.

Postby Pete McCabe » 09/05/01 01:09 AM

The DeCova T&R card is also on his "Treasures" Videotape Vol. 1 (I think). It's maybe the most sensationally visual T&R I've ever seen, but you do not finish clean. There's a somewhat effective way to clean up explained on the tape but... let's just say it's not nearly as good as the visual effect of the restoration is.
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Postby Andi » 09/05/01 05:02 AM

I use David Acer's R.I.P from "Natural Selections II" all of the time, in fact, I'd say it's become one of my 'workers.' It's a great variation of Paul Harris' Ultimate Rip Off but with a very nice presentation angle.

Jay Sankey's Cardboard Contortionists is also a very nice effect - I originally learnt it from a very early Sankey video (I forget the name) but I believe he's also released it in manuscript form now.

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Postby Guest » 09/05/01 06:57 AM

Brian -

1. You are correct. You do not have to have a reason to do an effect, but you can make your effect crystal clear and more powerful if you give them one. Some people may be curious as to why you tore the card up to begin with if you wanted it put together (because I can do this and you can't isn't very entertaining). If you give them a reason as to why you wanted to restore the card, the effect can be devestating.

2. If you quote me, I beg of you to do one thing. Please spell my last name correctly. When I saw it, I had flashbacks from being in 5th grade after health class and all of the kids laughing at me because my last name is very similar to something else they learned about.. :D

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